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German Court Sentences an E-Liquid Vendor 90 Days Before ‘Legalisation’ by The TPD.

12th February 2016

There are strange goings on in Germany a mere 90 days before the Tobacco Products Directive comes into force. A Court in Frankfurt has convicted and fined an e-cigarette retailer €9,000 for selling “illegal oral tobacco products” in the summer of 2013, yet e-liquid has been freely sold in Germany since e-cigarettes first came onto the market. The reason for this ruling, it appears is due to the way that this particular court has viewed e-liquid. They believe that it is a tobacco product, as the nicotine for the e-liquid is extracted from tobacco, despite there being no tobacco present in the…

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Can E-Cigs Deliver Consistent Doses of Nicotine?

9th February 2016

This is what Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist and e-cigarette researcher and his colleagues wanted to find out. Primarily because of the regulatory requirements coming into play as EU member states start (in some cases gold plate and finalise) the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and some of the testing that this will require. This research is also interesting in light of a ‘ciggie-like’ e-cigarette that has obtained a medical licence, which one would think would have to include consistency of delivery of nicotine in order to achieve it. Not forgetting, that this has been an issue raised by many against e-cigarettes,…

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Has The American Lung Association Given The Middle Finger To Vapers?

5th February 2016

Professor Siegal certainly believes they have done, and writes so on his blog. He’s referring to the almost hysterical reporting surrounding images of Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at an award ceremony. Professor Siegal’s entire career has been in tobacco control and he is a staunch critic of many in public health. In his post he quotes the American Lung Association (ALA) who state, "the Lung Association does not support using them (e-cigs) for cessation, nor does it support any direct or implied claims that e-cigarettes help smokers quit." It is this quote and accompanying attitude that he feels tells those vapers that have…

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Rachel’s Ramblings - 4 Signs That Vaping Has Taken Over Your Life!

29th January 2016

“My name is Rachel and I like my e-cig to match my nails” “…Hi Rachel!” There comes a time in every vapers life when you sit back, look around and realise that you could open a vape shop! Here are four signs that vaping has taken over your life. The Vaping Bag This is a bag that is almost mythical in stature, the treasure trove of the obsessed vaper. Wire, cotton, spare tanks, e-liquid, fully charged batteries, part charged batteries, dead batteries, drippers, scissors, pliers, mini screwdrivers (you know, the ones with the blue handle) are just a small selection of goodies in your vaping…

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E-Cigarettes Now the Most Popular Method to Stop Tobacco Use in the UK

29th January 2016

E-cigarette users are smokers looking to quit. The Smoking Toolkit Study (STS) has been collecting vital information regarding smoking and cessation habits in the UK since 2011. It also looks at vaping and vaping habits, and though the explosive use in e-cigarettes has levelled, e-cigarette use is still rising. E-cigarettes are now the most popular method used to move away from tobacco. Professor Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology, Health Behaviour Research Centre, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London is closely involved with the STS and said; “E-cigarette users are smokers looking to cut down or ex-smokers using them to…

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How Will The TPD Affect DIY Juicers?

27th January 2016

Recently we had a question about life post-TPD emailed to us, and we thought it would make a great blog post. Many are feeling a little confused re the Tobacco Products Directive and the new regulations, (we are still waiting on the court case ruling, there is still a glimmer of hope that reason will win,) but meanwhile we hope this post clears up a few misconceptions. The question: “How will the TPD affect those of us who mix our own juice? More specifically how will it affect the availability of flavour concentrates and nicotine concentrates?" First off, we all know that e-liquid will…

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The TPD Consultation and Room to ‘Wriggle’.

20th January 2016

Last week the Department of Health published the result of their nine-week long public consultation regarding the implementation of the revised Tobacco Products Directive, or TPD2 as it is generally known. The purpose of the consultation was “to seek views on the options available to Member States under the TPD2.” i.e. on the parts they can decide for themselves. The consultation process was “not intended or designed to elicit representative samples of public opinion, instead it sought information, comments and views on the draft regulation, impact assessment and equality analysis.” Shame they didn’t listen to us at the start then, and then most…

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Meet the Team: Ricky

19th January 2016

Up this month on our Meet the Team is Ricky. He is steadily becoming the face of Totally Wicked, some of you will have seen him starring in the majority of our product tutorial videos dotted across the site. When he’s not playing a Hollywood film star, he also deals with our returns and is one of the lovely voices you might hear when you give us call. How long have you worked for Totally Wicked? I’ve worked here for around 1 Year, 5 months, 15 days, 10 hours and 11 minutes (at the time of writing, not that I’m counting!) What device…

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Liam’s Lab – 18/01/15 – Pete’s E-liquid Lab

18th January 2016

Misleading Headlines Can Leave Lasting Impressions. Hello Totally Wicked customers. For my newsletter contribution this month I wanted to share with you a conversation I had down at my local pub! I was watching a football match with friends and one of them was using his electronic cigarette. My other friend said to him, “they’re just as dangerous as smoking, didn’t you read the headlines last week!” I knew which headlines he was referring to, and unlike him, I had read the scientific paper they purported to represent. They know that I work in the vaping industry so it was left…

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Ask Astreks – Why Switch to Vaping?

18th January 2016

Why making the switch to vaping in 2016 could be the resolution you've been looking for. So, we are in a New Year! My New Year resolution is to keep on vaping, despite Article 20 of the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive’s attempt to limit me. The challenge ahead for all us vapers is to keep on vaping and letting those in authority know our feelings on the subject. There was media frenzy in late December with the release of a study into the safety of e-cigs claiming them to be no better than tobacco cigarettes. It does seem strange the report…

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