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Rachel’s Ramblings - 12 Vaping Pet Peeves

1st July 2016

Let me publically state I love vaping. I love vaping almost as much as I love having a moan. Vaping happens to be a hobby of mine and as with any passion in life there are pet peeves that inevitably come along with it. These are 12 of my vaping pet peeves, due to the nature of this blog it’s best to note, these are my opinions only and not that of Totally Wicked. “There is antifreeze in that e-liquid” No there isn’t. Most vapers will have heard this one at some point. The ingredients within e-liquid are shared with many other products. This…

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If there was a Brexit flavoured e-liquid, what would it be?

30th June 2016

Apparently anything that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth would be ideal! No matter what your vote during the EU referendum, vapers all over the country turned out to vote leave, in hopes that Article 20 of the TPD would be abolished. But what effect will the UK leaving the EU actually have on the vaping world? The short answer is nothing…with seemingly no plans to change! The TPD is UK law; it is already being implemented as we speak. The UK leaving the EU will have no immediate impact on the Tobacco Products Directive or Article 20. What it might do…

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Public Vape Ban Called for by Leading Dr’s

23rd June 2016

The apparent risk of passive vaping is enough that Dr Iain Kennedy, a consultant in public health from Glasgow has called for a ban in public places such as bars and restaurants. He said, “There are new potential risks, and we don’t yet know the level of those risks. It is a precautionary principle – until we do the studies and have a better idea of what the risks may or may not be, we should restrict their use in public places” He went on to state that although electronic cigarettes were undoubtedly safer than cigarettes there is no evidence that they…

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Smart L.K. and Totally Wicked Lead E-cig Market in Korea

17th June 2016

The e-cigarette industry in the Republic of Korea started to boost in earnest at the time the price of tobacco cigarettes nearly doubled back in January 2015. Since then many companies have jumped into the industry, resulting in an over-crowded and highly competitive marketplace. With such a busy market, many issues have arisen relating to the quality of the products available, with large numbers of un-tested and un-regulated fluids available to Korean consumers and vendors. The market in Korea is unsettled, leaving consumers uncertain of the safety of the products that they are using, a classic illustration of the necessity for…

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Vaping is a Gateway to Smoking…or is it?

16th June 2016

Earlier this week a study looking at the link between electronic cigarettes and smoking was once again severely over stated in the press. Headlines shouted “Vaping is a gateway to smoking” and “Teens who vape six times more likely to smoke cigarettes”. Doctors and tobacco harm experts are today hitting out at these claims, “The authors seem to argue that trying one puff of an e-cigarette caused some young people to try tobacco smoking within the next 16 months,” said Ann McNeill, Professor of Tobacco Addiction at King’s College London. “If so, we would be seeing large increases in tobacco smoking, but instead…

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COP7 Conference to be Presented with WHO Report on E-cigs

13th June 2016

The World Health Organisation will present their latest findings regarding electronic cigarettes to tobacco control leaders at the COP7 conference in November. Under discussion will be the “control and prevention of globally emerging products” and following the WHO report, recommendations may be issued regarding e-cigarette regulation. Traditionally sceptical towards e-cigarettes it is understood that the recommendations put forward will include a restriction on vaping in public, a ban on advertising and even prohibition of e-cigarettes. Although these are guidelines and not binding to members, WHO have a strong influence on what policy is put in place. Their attitude towards vaping can only be…

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Menthol Flavoured E-liquid

9th June 2016

Here at Totally Wicked nearly all of us avidly watched the BBC Horizon programme, “E-Cigarettes: Miracle or menace?” on Sunday 22 May this year. We were pleased to see that the programme was overwhelmingly positive in dispelling some of the old myths surrounding e-cigarettes, and using science to demonstrate the considerable benefits of switching to vaping from smoking. The Horizon programme did contain a short section in which a toxicologist, Maciej Goniewicz, demonstrated some basic research into the effects of Menthol flavoured e-liquid upon the viability of cells derived from a human airway. After the conclusion of the experiment, 25% of the…

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Cancer Researcher and Cancer Survivor Set-up E-cigarette Shop Together

6th June 2016

Two men from Burton have joined forces to open an e-cigarette shop, but their journey to do so is quite unusual. Graham Edkins is a cancer survivor, and Dr Robert Lees is a cancer specialist. Both smoked, and neither could move away from tobacco, despite their experiences and undoubted knowledge, and several attempts to do so. But then e-cigarettes came into their lives, they actually met in an e-cigarette shop, became friends and then last year took the decision to start their own shop because of the success that they have had with them. The Burton Mail, picking up on the story write,…

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E-cigs and Pregnancy, What’s the Gen?

3rd June 2016

We have never produced a blog about e-cigarettes and pregnancy before, basically because the information has not been readily available, and, it is an area that is fraught with complexities. However, on the 26 May, the government produced not only a short blog about the subject, but also a briefing paper about e-cigarettes and pregnancy. As such, we thought now would be a good time to not only tell you about the briefing paper – but to point you to it so you can read it for yourselves here: Please do share this with pregnant partners and friends, your GP’s and Midwives, because…

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More pressure being applied by Lords, MPs and MEPs regarding the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

2nd June 2016

Recently we have seen a ‘fatal motion’ proposed by Lord Callanan in the House of Lords, MP Anne Main has called for the House of Commons to annul the TPD, and now we see that the Conservative MEPs in Brussels are taking steps to re-open the debate on the TPD. This is heartening news for vapers, though it could be mentioned that this level of action would have been welcome 2 years ago, when the TPD was going through the EU system. Writing about this on the Conservatives in Europe blog, MEPs Julie Girling and Vicky Ford explain that they have written…

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