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FAQ's on Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016

25th August 2016

With the implementation date of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) approaching fast, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.   E-liquid Questions What will be the biggest size bottle I can buy (pre-mixed)? 10ml will be the largest size of bottle in which we can supply nicotine-containing fluid (i.e. e-liquid).  We will continue to stock larger bottles as late as we can into the period Nov 2016 - May 2017, but we have to stop making or importing them by 20th November 2016, and selling them by 20th May 2017. Will you charge more for the 10ml pre-mixed bottles? No, we will…

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Rachel’s Ramblings - 5 Tips for Your Vapecation!

18th August 2016

It’s the time of year when many vapers are taking to the skies for their dream holiday destination (I’m not, I’m sat here writing this blog, not that I’m bitter, I hope you have a lovely time and it doesn’t rain every day). There are some things you need to consider when travelling with your e-cig, so I have put together my five top tips for your summer Vapecation; Check ahead. Check if the airport allows vaping, check the rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to, check with your airline regarding their rules of having an e-cig on board the…

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Fatties Juice High VG E-liquid, A Review

12th August 2016

Hello again Vapers, Richard here back with another blog, and today’s topic is all about Fatties Juice! I am quite excited about this one because it is currently one of my favourite ranges, even though it has only 3 flavours, each one is a perfect blend of vaping goodness that I have yet to grow tired of. Launched in May this year, the latest addition to our ever growing e-liquid selection boasts a high 75% VG content for lots of cloud production and smooth flavour. It also has the added advantage of being thinner than most other heavy VG fluids thanks to the…

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Vaping and Under 18’s

11th August 2016

An operation by Trading Standards during the first quarter of 2016 revealed that almost 40% of targeted vendors sold electronic cigarettes to under 18’s. 246 out of 634 retailers between January and March 2016 sold vaping devices and e-liquid to children aged between 14 and 17. These results were ‘disappointingly low’ according to the report, with most of the illegal sales being made at markets and car boot sales. Although most of the sales to children were made at none reputable retailers, a high number were also reported at discount stores and specialist vaping stores. The fewest sales made to children were at…

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Why are the TPD and FDA e-cig regulations so different?

4th August 2016

As a country we have had to come to terms with the fact that the vaping market in Europe will always have the TPD looming over it. Although the TPD is deemed harsh, should we actually feel lucky to have these guidelines? If you don't know, the FDA regulations in the USA come into effect on the 8th of August and they are vastly different to the TPD. From the 8th only vaping products that are already on sale will be allowed to be sold for the next two years! After the two years that the FDA gave manufacturers to become compliant,…

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Liam’s Lab – Pete’s E-liquid Lab: Misleading Headlines

28th July 2016

Misleading Headlines Can Leave Lasting Impressions. Hello Totally Wicked customers. For my newsletter contribution this month I wanted to share with you a conversation I had down at my local pub! I was watching a football match with friends and one of them was using his electronic cigarette. My other friend said to him, “they’re just as dangerous as smoking, didn’t you read the headlines last week!” I knew which headlines he was referring to, and unlike him, I had read the scientific paper they purported to represent. They know that I work in the vaping industry so it was left…

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Vaping at Work, The New PHE Guidelines

21st July 2016

This week Public Health England released new guidelines to help employer’s structure vaping policies in the work place. With roughly 2.8 million vapers in the UK and this number rising steadily, the need for set policies for vapers at work is growing. PHE’s new framework gives employers advice to aid e-cigarette use in the work place, with the understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all approach’. Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of health and wellbeing at PHE said: “The evidence is clear that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that e-cigarettes are helping many smokers to quit. This new framework…

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Richard’s Response – Eleaf Lemo 3 Tank, A Review

20th July 2016

Hello fellow vapers, this week I am doing something a little different to the norm as I’ve been getting quite a few of you asking about the stunning new tank from Eleaf, the Lemo 3. Getting stuck in right away, the first thing about this tank is just how nice it looks. It is beautifully constructed from stainless steel and glass with a nice weightiness to it. A top fill design with an ample 4ml e-liquid capacity to keep you vaping all day. Unlike its predecessor, the Lemo 3 can be used with either pre-made atomizer heads or a rebuildable coil, giving…

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Stacey Snoops out new Top Secret Odyssey Information

14th July 2016

Hey vapers, Stacey here…this week I am going to give you a sneaky peek in to a new and exciting product that is about to launch very soon. The beauty about working in the E-commerce Team here at Totally Wicked is getting an early insight of all up and coming e-cigs, tanks, mods and development of all the latest vaping gear. I managed to have a chat with our Technical Director, Liam Humberstone today. Using my best espionage skills, I squeeze some juicy gossip out of Mr Humberstone with regards to the latest, top secret info from the world of Odyssey Engineering. What did…

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Rachel’s Ramblings - 5 Tips for Getting Free Vape Gear from TW

7th July 2016

This week I am not moaning at you guys, in fact I am here to help. I am about to impart some exclusive, insider, Totally Wicked knowledge on you guys. We all love vaping, but doesn’t everything taste better when it’s free? Here are my 5 tips to get free vape gear from Totally Wicked. (If my boss is reading this…Lisa look away quickly, plausible deniability and all that) Vape mail If you don’t know what Vape Points are by now, where have you been hiding? Shop as normal, wait with baited breath for your vape mail and you earn vape points, one for every…

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