Why do my gums bleed now I’ve switched to vaping?

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Bleeding gums

If you’ve recently switched to vaping you might have noticed that your gums are bleeding, but this never happened when you were smoking. What is going on?  Now every time you brush your teeth, there’s  blood.

Smoking cigarettes is vaso-constrictive, this means it makes your blood vessel- especially the peripheral ones –  like your gums –  tighten up –  it’s like they are being squeezed every time you have a cigarette.

MRI scans of people smoking have shown the blood supply to their fingers decreases by a considerable amount, and, as mentioned  the same will be happening to your gums.

So any gum disease that is there due to the smoking – (and there will be some –  usually with a  build up of plaque) is masked due to the vaso-constrictive effect of the tobacco.

As soon as you top smoking, your gums will bleed if there is gum disease, as the vaso constrictive effects of smoking is no longer there. The smoking has been masking your problem, so when you stop smoking, what you see is your true gum condition. The blood vessels are no longer squeezed, and they can function normally and deliver oxygen and nutrient rich blood back to your poor gums. The bleeding could be seen as a good thing – as it is telling you about the gum disease –  and you can now do something about it!

The obvious first step is to visit  your dentist and get a  professional clean, start flossing after you clean your teeth,  and definitely don’t start smoking cigarettes again.

If you leave gum disease to develop, it can eventually  dissolve away your jawbone and your teeth fall out – not a good look!

Evidence – both scientific and anecdotal suggests that smokers who stop or switch, experience an increase in gum bleeding. It can take a little time for your gums to restore themselves back to normal, but well worth the wait if it prevents other problems.

So,  stop smoking permanently, brush 2-3 times a day, mouthwash in between and floss twice a day, and visit your dentist –  you’ve gotten rid of the fag breath-  you don’t want rotten teeth instead!

 What has been your experience of this? Leave a comment in the box below…


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  1. jack

    i thought it was the e liquid making my breath smell like poo!!, but it is in fact the bleeding gums, you can taste the blood, time for some corsadyl mouth wash i think, and chewing gum in between for the smelly breath.

    • Totally Wicked

      glad you found the cause, and yes – do look after your teeth and gums now you vape, they will thank you for it!

  2. Pleski

    True true. Sadly I waited till I got perio problems before giving up smoking, and I noticed I bled lots at first, but over time the gums were healing. They’re way better now but I still have some effects from smokey, plus natural aging. Just one of those things.

  3. Totally Wicked

    Hi Cecillia, I have not heard of this before in the way you describe it,so i strongly suggest that you stop using the new red label, and visit your dentist. Some people are very sensitive to the proplyne glycol that is in the e-liquid and find they need to use VG based e-liquid only, and this could be the case with you.
    But please stop using the red label and visit your dentist and discuss this with him/her.

    TW team.

  4. mel786

    Me and my husband gave up smoking over 3 months ago now and both of us have bleeding gums, minis not as bad as his, we searched everywhere on information about vaping and bleeding gums and found nothing till we saw this article.
    Many thanks now we both know we are not going crazy or the only ones suffering with this problem.

  5. dave

    Reduce the nicotine in e-cig, vape less and treat your gums more often.
    Bleeding will stop!
    Problem is with the nicotine… Increase and decrease the amount and you will see.

    E-cigs over time will cause less damage as burning tobacco but the it’s the nicotine that’s the real issue.
    Personally I vape and my gums bleed if I don’t treat all the time and reduce the intake of nicotine.

  6. Alex

    I’ve been using totally wicked e liquid for 3 months now but recently changed to the red label tobacco flavour. Over the last week I’ve started getting really sensitive teeth top and bottom and I really look after my teeth. Is there something in the red label that may cause this? I’d stop using it but I just got 100ml and don’t want to throw it away. I also really like the flavour and find the red label doesn’t dry my throat as much as the Titan did. Shame but I think I’ll have to change to Titan again when I finally get throught all this red label.

    • Totally Wicked

      Hi Alex, I have not heard of this before- I have passed your query and concerns over to customer services – they should be in touch asap,


    • Squeaky

      I have had the same issue for months while using RY4, and discovered that switching to a flavor without sweetener decreased my pain. I’m thinking it may be sucrose. Will keep testing.

  7. Sheila


    Good to find this link – though a little late for me sadly.

    I quit smoking three months ago and have lost three mowlars, a forth to be extracted next Monday. My teeth did bleed uncontrollably after the first month or so, but that is getting better.

    I smoked for over 40 years – at least a pack of 20 a day and have serious gum disease.

    If you’re considering quitting cigarettes please do it – I’m really struggling with the tooth loss – but will definitely not smoke again!


  8. Joanne

    I am now going through this problem. My mouth is full of blood in the morning. I understand I need to go to the dentist but can’t afford it. I work so therefore can’t get NHs treatment :(

    • Totally Wicked

      Joanne, that sounds horrible – maybe see if your GP can help you? meanwhile take really good care of your teeth and gums.


  9. alan

    I use the 12mg nicotine and my gums bleed badly, if i thin it down by half with nicotine free juice i get no bleeding at all! I have tested this time and time again, I don’t believe the answer given above as its the nicotine that messes with the cardio system. I still prefer to vape way over smoking, but trying really hard to cut down the nicotine I feel like its making my teeth fall out!

  10. Laura

    I stopped smoking almost two months ago and for the last 4 days or so my teeth are hurting so much and my gums are bleeding like never before. I had always been really careful with my dental hygiene ( I now how expensive dentist are!!) I had no idea why it was so bad, specially assuming that once quiting smoking my teeth should be even better…. till I though about associate the electronic cigarette with it, and voilà I found this article.
    I started with the 11 mg menthol titan fluid, but I am now in the 18 mg, but now after reading this I think I’ll go back to the 11 mg. Hope it helps

  11. Michelle

    I have been analog free for 3 weeks and was concerned about the bleeding gums. Thankfully after extensive searches I found this information. It makes total sense. Thanks to everyone for their input.

  12. Lisa

    I have been vaping for about 6 months or so and about 2 months ago I went and had my teeth cleaned. After that, I noticed my gums started bleeding every time I brush. Also I noticed my gums were inflamed to where if I pushed on them they would bleed for no reason. I am down to 8 mg vapor. I was thinking I had a perio disease because I have never had probs with my teeth or gums until recent. Does this go away?

  13. Adam

    I have bin on e cig now for two months and my gums are just starting to bleed bad I also have bin getting crazy canker sores in my mouth ??? Is it from the nic ?? Iam at the 18 mg and useing flavour crafters . Dose the brand of juice make a diff … And my mouth is always dry it seems ??? Any body explain thanks ?? Adam

    • Marie

      Canker sores may indicate the presence of a virus, like Herpes simple or they may be the result of irritation from excessive bacterial load in the mouth due to longstanding poor dental hygiene or lack of dental care. Viruses and excess bacteria in the mouth can also indicate an immune system that is struggling. I am an RN

  14. JohnK

    Thanks for the info. I too have started having this issue and was really worried. I haven’t always taken the best care of my teeth but in the last 2 years have taken much better care of them. I’ve been vaping for about 2 months and they aren’t bleeding randomly, just when I brush and floss.

  15. Paula

    I’ve now given up smoking for the second time. First time was last year. Went onto vapour cig and got terrible infection on my gums. I’ve since given up 30 days ago and the same problem is happening. It really scared me as I don’t want to loose my teeth. I’m starting to use pyroxyl and mouthwash to hopefully help me. I’m in despair

  16. Garethhowland

    I gave up cold turkey a lot of times in the past but just a few weeks or months at a time. Pretty feeble I know but still, I never once had bleeding gums after I quit but when smoking I got a bit of the bleeding gums but never enough to raise alarm , now this time is different, this time I am vaping and from day one of vaping I had the dry mouth and a bit of bleeding gums , I’m now on my third week of vaping and I am bleeding mainly from one of my teeth but it is like something out of a horror movie , I always had a bit of trouble with that tooth even after quitting cold turkey it never bled like this , it seems that out gums bleed when we vape and I wonder of its overdosing on nicotine ??? I have no idea but I wish I knew what it was ,

  17. Ed Bijman

    I really believe that it is totally not related to the switch from normal smoking to vaping.

    My gums are also bleeding and I think (not 100% sure) it is related to the level of nicotine. Because only 1/3 of the nicotine of which you inhale will come into the bloodstream, compared to a regularal cigarette. This means much more nicotine will pass your teeth.

    When I lowered the %nicotine in the e-juice, the problem seem to be less, but again, I am not 100% sure it is related to the nicotine.

    What helps a little but, is to try to vape directly into you lungs when you inhale. And let the vape leave through your nose.

  18. Darian

    Hi, thank you so much for the information. But I’m still smoking about one or two cigarettes a day as well as the vaporizer. Also my gums are bleeding and hurting pretty badly. Do you think what you’re saying still applies or could it be something more serious?

  19. Brian

    Not sure I believe the information in this blog. I was an 8-10 a day smoker for 20 years. I did quit a few times in between for a year or so at a time and never had sore, bleeding gums. So I attribute my gum issues directly to vaping. Interestingly it did not start happening until over a year into vaping and more specifically since I decreased to 12mg from 18mg. BUT, i only use genesis attys now with really give an 18mg throat hit. Also, I work out and cycle hard for many years and my blood pressure is way up for me. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which I believe accounts for this. I take in way more nicotine vaping than smoking because I vape all day where as I didn’t smoke all day.

  20. Ron Fowler

    Hello TW,I am a diabetic and after 3 months of vaping I an having the bleeding gums even before cleaning my teeth.I vape 0.8 nic in an 80/20 vg mix.My sugars frequently spike but that may be because my doctor took me off my tablets last Sept. as my control was so good.Why did you post the reply to Cecilia and not her query?

    • Totally Wicked

      Hi Ron, I didn’t see that error – will have a look and see if I can find Cecilai’s query – – Re your Diabetes – please confer with your Doctor about this to make sure that you are OK.

  21. welob77

    I switched to vaping in January of this year, not only do I wake up every morning without the cough, I feel so much better. I save a lot of money which is great and my son and fiance’ are grateful that I don’t smell like a ashtray anymore all of this sounds great right> I’m so glad I caught your post because now I know why my gums are bleeding and I almost panicked cuz I thought it was the e cigs making my gums bleed and I was going to have to stop. Thank you>

  22. JAMES


    • Totally Wicked

      Hi James,

      If you read the article and the comments, people do make suggestions, but if you are concerned, then please visit your dentist for advice and a check up.

  23. Kenneth Boldin

    My gums have not been bleeding since I have stop smoking (10 days now) but they are extremely sensitive and very painful! Is that supposed to happen?

  24. Alex

    I’m so glad to have found that I am not alone with the vapor use-gum bleeding. The bleeding only comes when i’m asleep as it has become so unpleasant waking up with such foulness.
    I’m at 4 weeks now and will drop from 12 to 6 tomorrow and probably even try the nicotine free as well. I’ve been beside myself since stopping cig’s, figuring now my gums will heal up.
    I’ve been a pack a day for so many years and def feeling much better w/o them. I’m very active and I don’t lose my breath anymore on the courts etc.

  25. Mavi

    Sorry for my bad english;

    I knew it was caused by e-cig!!! 😀
    my gums are not bleeding so much, but it is so painfull, i can feel it is rotting :S
    i’m using 9mg bourbon vanilla flavoured eliquid, i’m going to change it, and i will let you know what happened in a week.

    • Mavi

      Yes i changed it to “Dark vapure 9mg”. my gums are better. No pain, no blood.