Totally Elected E-liquid

Election e-liquid


Way back in 2015, in true Totally Wicked style, we launched the world’s first Election e-liquid. Causing a storm all over the vaping world, these satirical e-liquids were a hit with bloggers and news outlets.

With e-liquid flavours modelled after each of the political party leaders, accompanied by original artwork by our in-house artist Mitch, the vaping polls were open and the vapers across the world voted with their vape. The e-liquid flavour that won the vapers’ vote would be introduced into our internationally renowned, UK produced e-liquid range, Red Label.

Our clear winner was David Cameron’s Eton Mess. It turned out we had in fact predicted the Election results with e-liquid flavours to within less than one percent of the actual result, better than the professional pollsters, incredible! Although Mr Cameron no longer resides in Number 10, our Eton Mess e-liquid is still sitting pretty in the Red Label range. 

election e-liquid

Totally Election E-LIQUID 2017 - The world's premier satirical e-liquid

Theresa May calling the snap General Election last month spurred TW into action once more, we have pulled out all the stops and we present you our Totally Elected e-liquid 2017.

Each one is again modelled after our party leaders and blended to perfection for the vapers’ palate.

As with our 2015 vote, the winner of the 2017 Totally Wicked Vape Vote will be introduced into our Red Label range of e-liquid, joining Mr Cameron’s Eton Mess in the halls of e-liquid fame.

With our live Election e-liquid tracker, you can also see who is taking the lead and who is falling behind. Delve into the flavours, cast your vote, then sit back and enjoy these wonderful fun flavours, happy that you have played your part in the Totally Wicked 2017 E-liquid Election. 


 Election E-liquid Flavours

May's Brexit Brunch

It’s all about ‘May’s Mandate’.  Brave call this by the PM, trusting the British people are not election fatigued, ‘Tessa’ thought it a good idea, if Brexit noise was not enough, to call her snap election.  Brave calls need a healthy mind and body, and ‘Tessa’ is known for her refusal of bacon and eggs for a healthier alternative.  This blueberry and raspberry yoghurt is her staple go to brunch, and no sharing with Jean Claude Plonker!



Corbyns momentum madness

Momentum’ implies building and creating impetus! Who needs to be reminded of a political oxymoron in the middle of an election campaign? So we thought we would cheer things up with a bit of simple early summer indulgence, a flavour that both the privileged and plebs can enjoy, a true leveller of Britain’s ‘divided society’, Strawberry Jam!  We know JC loves making his own from his suburban allotment.  Sweet, ripe strawberries, red fruit, crushed to perfection.



Farron's Fightback

The only way is up for Timothy.  With an ambition to grow his cohort of Liberal representatives from netball team to at least Rugger first XV, the fightback begins now! Timmy is a man of Lancastrian hills, a Cumbrian by adoption, and a man who needs fortitude and resilience to overcome the odds for his party’s ‘long march’ back to power.  So we thought we would help.  With a mountain to climb, we have slipped into his pocket the classic pep me up for every mountaineer, a nice big reassuring lump of Kendal Mint Cake – yummy. 



Nutalls Cracker

For now, it is Paul in charge.  Hail the new Caesar, swathed resplendently in his purple robes of office, the journey beyond Brexit begins. The spectre of ‘Nige’ the ghost UKIP past hangs heavy in the air, but unfazed, we press on. Not to everyone’s taste, coconut is marmite of the nut world.  We have decided to show the king of all nuts some much deserved love and create a flavour swathed in this polarising mega nut. Coconut Macaroon, in an e-liquid?  You bet and you will learn to love it! 



Sturgeons Fandabidozi

No cheap laughs here, politics is a serious business and we will not descend into low bar stereotypes. What we need is a ‘Crackerjack’ cocktail to truly represent the pride and fortitude of the leader of the free Scots.  The drink of Schoolboys everywhere, who would have thought rusty rhetoric would taste so damned nice? So ‘Fan’ your ‘Dab’ and ‘Bid’ your ‘Ozi’ to the queen of Scots. 



All 5 candidates

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