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Starter E-cig Kits

    Switz2 Basic   Switz2   AIO   arc Mini   arc Slim
  arc 5
 Battery Life*    4-6
   6-8 hours   6-8
   7-9 hours   10+
   12+ hours
 Adjustable Settings?    ✘    ✘            
 E-Liquid Capacity    1.3ml    1.8ml   2ml    2ml    1.8ml    1.8ml
      Suitable For  
 Heavy (20+ per day)    ✘          ✓      ✓
 Moderate (10-19 per day)    ✘    ✓            
 Light (-10 a day)    ✓    ✓      ✘      ✘
 Cost    £19.99    £24.99   £24.99    £34.99   £34.99    £39.99

 * Battery life is subject to the amount of daily usage

Your transition from smoking to vaping should be as simple as possible. With e-cig technology ever changing, it can seem overwhelming when it comes to choosing your first e-cig kit and going 'smokefree'.

Within our recommended starter kits section you will find a selection of e-cig kits that are hand-picked for their ease of use, that come with everything you need to get started on your vaping journey including UK produced e-liquid.

There are a selection of pen style e-cigs and box mods, each with their own strengths and with something to suit every vaper.

If you still need help choosing your starter kit, why not chat with our trained staff via the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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