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Study Indicates that the Switch to E Cigs can Increase Lung Capacity


Study Indicates that the Switch to E Cigs can Increase Lung Capacity

Medical research suggests that smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes are enjoying improved lung capacity and may be better suited to physical and strenuous actions. The study found that almost 75% of users felt as though their breathing had improved since making the switch from traditional cigs to electronic cigarettes. Nearly a quarter had been medically tested and found to be in a fitter condition.

The survey questioned over 1000 vapers who had previously smoked cigarettes and the data was studied extensively by scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos. Dr Farsalinos was positive about the results and claimed that they may indicate positive repercussions brought about by the use of electronic cigarettes.

Dr Farsalinos enthused: “In a group of motivated e-cigarette users we observe positive effects on respiratory function, while duration of e-cigarette use is associated with improvement in cough symptoms and exercise capacity.

“However, less beneficial effects were observed in users who continue to smoke, indicating that e-cigarettes should be used as a complete substitute for smoking.”

The data showed that 70% of the people included in the study had enjoyed a noticeable increase in lung capacity since making the switch and almost the same amount experienced an improvement with their ‘smoker’s cough’.

Vapers were also reported to be enjoying higher levels of ability during exercise as a result of switching from tobacco cigarettes. Daily tasks have improved as well – 66% noted an improvement in performance when tasked with strenuous daily activities.

The date went on to report the success with which vapers have had in regards to cutting down the amount of tobacco that they smoke. An impressive 98% of vapers included in the survey report that they now smoke a lower amount of tobacco than before they started using e cigs. More than three quarters have completely stopped smoking – 77% reported that they now never touch tobacco.  

The study is one of the largest to be carried out in the vaping community and must be largely heralded as positive for the world of electronic cigarettes.

9th May 2013, 16:49

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