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28 August 2015

Stop the War Against E-Cigarettes, a Call from a Former Director at the WHO

In the wake of the recent Public Health England (PHE) report, Dr Derek Yach former Chief Health Officer and Cabinet…
28 August 2015

Public Health England’s Positive Report on E-Cigarettes

Public Health England (PHE) has produced an updated and comprehensive report regarding e-cigarette research, with the…
25 August 2015

Telegraph Newspaper at Fault for Demonising E-Cigarettes

Professor Brad Rodu, from the University of Louisville wrote last week on his website, rodutobaccotruth, about the…
31 July 2015
Study Proves E-cig Vapour Safe

Study Shows E-Cig Vapour is Not Toxic

A new study looking at the effect of e-cigarette vapour on human airway cells showed that the vapour had no toxic…
24 July 2015

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