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Totally Wicked source and produce the best e-liquid available for use in electronic cigarettes. No matter what your taste or budget we will have an e-liquid to suit you. Dive in, look around you never know what you will find!

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Welcome to our e-liquid product section. Here you will find the information you’ll need to choose the right e-liquid for you.  For more in depth and technical information please read our e-liquid facts page.

At Totally Wicked we have built a range of e-liquid products that provide for all our customers’ needs; from the most experienced users who mix their own unique flavours and strengths, to a new user who simply wants “the fluid that was in my kit”. We believe we have the variety of fluids to suit all tastes and pockets. 

Within this section we have made a clear distinction between our e-liquid ranges and have defined the fluids as either  ‘pre-mixed’ or ‘mix your own’.


The term ‘pre-mixed’ is used to denote ready to use e-liquid. This means that any of our ‘pre-mixed’ e-liquids are useable straight from the bottle. Our ‘pre-mixed' range has 4 distinct sub-ranges that are summarised in the following table.

So which strength do you need? This depends on a number of personal factors, (again more detail is available in our ‘e-liquid facts’ section), however, as a simple rule of thumb the following table gives an idea of how our e-liquids compare to conventional cigarette use.

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You will notice from the table that there is a wide choice of nicotine strengths available and that certain ranges offer different strengths. Totally Wicked Red Label strength is indicated by a percentage (nicotine by volume), as opposed to a milligram per millilitre, the reasoning is that we feel a percentage is a more practical way of describing the nicotine content in a solution. For example 1.8% is equal to the old measurement of 18mg.

But please note: If you are a new to vaping, you will quickly realise that there is no ‘simple’ comparison to conventional cigarettes as the variety, freshness and uniqueness of our flavours often make the basic comparison of nicotine content less important than the overall experience you will enjoy. Often it is a case of trial and error or some support from fellow users, (such as on our forum), and you will quickly find your fluid of choice.

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Red Label e-liquid

 Herbal e-liquid

Titan Fluid

Patriot Range e-liquid

Totally Wicked Original e-liquid

Mix Your Own

All e-liquids are made up from 3 basic constituents: nicotine, flavour concentrate and diluentsBy mixing these 3 ingredients to the correct ratios anybody can make their own unique flavours and strengths, and often save a significant amount of money by mixing their own fluids. At Totally Wicked we champion quality and value for money for our customers, and we are very proud of our unique and internationally unrivalled ‘mix your own’ products. Everything you will ever need from fluids to storage and dispensing bottles can be found in our ‘mix your own’  section.

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Nicotine Solutions

Flavour Concentrates

Diluents and Accessories

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