You may have read our recent article that explained that experts had called for e-cigarettes to replace cigarettes on Love Island. To recap, the hit reality show had received a number of complaints to OFCOM about the excessive on screen smoking habits of the contestants.

Marcelle Smoking

Image courtesy of The Sun Online.

With concerns that these desirable islanders and role models to many would send a negative public health message to viewers, The British Lung Foundation slammed the show’s producers for ‘irresponsible broadcasting’ and Totally Wicked Managing Director, Fraser Cropper urged ITV to see sense and take action.

We are delighted to announce that ITV have indeed taken action as ‘Love Island bosses ship over boxes of electronic cigarettes. Credit is due to ITV who has reacted to the negativity and while, according to The British Lung Foundation, they may have been guilty of ‘irresponsible broadcasting’ the broadcaster’s consequent actions are commendable.

Marcelle with E-cigarette

Image courtesy of The Sun Online.

Marcel Somerville, a contestant who was often seen smoking on screen is the first to make the switch to e-cigarettes. Marcel was seen using the device on Tuesday’s episode and we hope that more of the smoking contestants also decide to ditch the cigarettes for e-cigarettes.

A source told The Sun Online: “They’re now being given normal cigarettes and vape sticks so they can make a choice.” Many islanders will no doubt stick with the cigarettes but at least now they don’t have to put ‘all their eggs in one basket’.

Fraser Cropper, managing director of Totally Wicked, said: “There is never a situation where it is better to smoke than it is to vape.

“I am therefore delighted that the producers of Love Island have made vape products available to those contestants who wish to switch from smoking to the significantly less harmful alternative of vaping.

“This decision also sends out a positive message to the millions of people who watch Love Island and who may themselves now consider switching to vaping.”