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Coils & Atomizer Heads

Coils, also known as atomizer heads, are an essential component of vape tanks and pods. They play a vital role in vaporising the e-liquid and producing the flavour. We stock the GTL atomizer heads, which are designed for vape tanks such as the Tornado GTL and Opal. Additionally, we offer EN Atomizer Heads, which are compatible with the Skope Air and arc Mini 2 vape devices. These coils are known for their long-lasting performance and consistent vapour production.

Before using a new coil, it's essential to prime it properly. Priming involves saturating the coil with e-liquid to prevent dry hits and a burnt taste. To prime your coil, simply apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the wicking material of the coil and let it sit for a few minutes before assembling the tank and filling it with e-liquid.

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How does an e-cigarette atomizer work?

Atomizer heads, housed within the tank, contain a coil of thin wire and wicking material. They convert energy from the battery, heat the coil, and vaporise e-liquid soaked into the wicking material for inhalation. Popular options include the CS 1.5ohm Atomizer Heads and GTL Atomizer Heads.

How do you know when to change your atomizer head?

Atomizer heads last anywhere from two days to two weeks or longer, depending on factors like vaping frequency, style, e-liquid, and power. Signs it's time to change include, muted or burnt flavour, leaking (after ruling out other causes), or a "blocked" feeling. The EN Atomizer Heads and ML Atomizer Heads are designed for outstanding flavour.

How do I change an atomizer head?

While tanks vary, the general process involves removing the tank base when it is empty, unscrewing the old atomizer head, discarding it, screwing in a new one like the EZ Atomizer Heads or HC Atomizer Heads, and priming the new head by filling the tank and letting it sit for 3-5 minutes before vaping.

What is the difference between an atomizer and a coil?

"Atomizer heads" and "coils" are often used interchangeably, but the coil is actually a component within the atomizer head. Coils are typically made from Nichrome, Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel wire.

What brands of atomizer are available?

Totally Wicked stocks a wide range of atomizer heads for all Totally Wicked tanks, as well as from carefully selected partners like Joyetech and Eleaf. Options like the ProC C1 0.4ohm DL Atomizer Heads and PX 0.7ohm Atomizer Heads cater to various vaping preferences.

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