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Tank Information

Tank information

Suggested Power

Suggested Power Graph for tanks

These are our suggestions for the power settings that we find work best with any of our tanks. Fitting different resistance atomizer heads can expand the range of power, and offer a number of different 'sweet spots'. Visit our Atomizer Heads by Tank or Atomizer Heads by Kit page for much more information. The key to what 'power' really means is 'the higher the power, the bigger the cloud', but only within limitations described below.

Maximum suggested wattage - 15W

Going higher than this can lead to poor flavour, a burnt taste, and the atomizer head will not last as long.

Suggested wattage - 12W

This is where the atomizer head provides the best balance of throat hit and flavour for the majority of vapers.

Minimum suggested wattage - 7W

If the wattage is set any lower, the tank will produce little vapour, if any.

Tank Diameter

Tank Diameter

Select a tank with a diameter that matches the diameter of your battery if you want to ensure a flush fit.

With box shaped batteries, tanks of a smaller diameter always work, but you might want to think about whether you are happy with the look.

Tanks with a diameter bigger than the “footprint” available on the battery unit leave an overhang that is seldom very attractive looking.

All tanks in our range use the same fitting, and so any tank can be fitted to any battery unit, with the notable exceptions of the “eGo fitting” V4, V5 and Switz2 Basic tanks, which require an adaptor.

Top Filled Tanks

Top filling is quick, convenient and can always be done without removing the tank from the battery. Refilling top filled tanks involves sliding, unscrewing or flipping open the top of the tank to expose the fill hole. All our tanks are compatible with any Totally Wicked e-liquid bottle nozzle.

Sliding open your tank
Unscrewing your tank
Flipping open your tank

Bottom Filled Tanks

Bottom filled tanks often need to be removed from the battery before filling. Bottom filling means you are unlikely to have e-liquid leaks, while having the advantage of replacing your atomizer head without losing e-liquid.

Bottom filling tanks diagram


Airflow tankA tank's airflow can be adjustable, or non-adjustable, and regular, airy or open. Airflow has a huge impact on the vaping experience.

  • Adjustable airflow allows you to fine tune your experience.
  • Non-adjustable airflow is fixed, but you might find it’s just perfect for you anyway.
  • "Regular" airflow provides a vaping experience that is similar to smoking - ideal for new and regular vapers.
  • "Airy" describes a slightly more open airflow, normally used with slightly higher powers and making more vapour.
  • “Open” describes tanks with very little airflow resistance while vaping, and is suitable for vapers wanting to produce large clouds of vapour at high power.

Suggested E-liquid

eliquid scalesGetting the right nicotine strength to suit your tank is important, but it is a very straightforward choice with just a little guidance.

  • If selecting a regular tank we advise selecting a nicotine level between 10mg - 18mg (1.0% - 1.8%) to deliver a satisfying experience. If e-liquid is too weak, nicotine cravings might not be satisfied.
  • If selecting a high or ultra tank, select a lower nicotine strength. These tanks produce more vapour than regular tanks, so we recommend strengths of 6mg (0.6%) or lower to avoid feeling you are getting too much nicotine.
  • Selecting too high a strength is generally preferable to going too low. You can always vape a little less often until you next order e-liquid.
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