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E-cig tanks that are great for cloud chasing

We can't find products matching the selection.

Ultra Vapour E-cig Tanks

Cloud chasers you have landed in the right section. The tanks in our Ultra vapour section are for those vapers who like to directly inhale and exhale huge clouds of vapour.

Vaped at a high power and with a low nicotine strength, the supplied atomizers with these tanks are best vaped over 31W.

If you need or want to read more information on e-cig tanks and the differences please take a look at our vaping tank information page.

Free E-cig Tank Glass.  

We know accidents happen, but that shouldn’t mean you have to replace your tank. If you have broken or damaged your glass, we offer a selection of replacements that we will provide for free. Not all tanks have replacement glass, but if yours does, simply select the correct glass from the drop down and it will be discounted in your basket.  

Please Note: There is one free replacement glass available per order.

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