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Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are a key part of any vaping setup. Browse our collection of e-cig tanks now for a range of UK tanks in different styles including vape pods, top filling and tanks with adjustable airflow. 

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All vapers have their own favourite style of vape tank and with this in mind we understand how important choice is. Our extensive selection of e-cig tanks ensures all are catered for, whether that's something simple and easy to use or for those who like to rebuild and tinker.


Our vape tanks are defined by what features they have and what type of vapours they are suited to. We've split them up into three categories; Regular, High and Ultra.

Regular Vapour Tanks

A regular vapour tank is an ideal choice for the ‘everyday’ vaper. They are well-constructed e-liquid tanks that provide great flavour from your e-liquid and a satisfying amount of vapour.

The atomizer heads supplied with each tank are ideally used between 5W and 15W, outputting a regular amount of vapour and are perfect for everyday use.

High Vapour Tanks

If you are a vaper who is happy with your everyday tank, but feel like you need a bit more power, or perhaps looking to drop your nicotine strength slightly, be sure to check out our selection of High Vapour e-cig tanks.

The supplied atomizer for a high vapour tank is best vaped between 16W and 30W. This will ouput a large amount of vapour still, but not enough to annoy your other half or obstruct the TV!

Ultra Vapour Tanks

The Ultra vapour tanks are exclusively for high powered vapers and cloud chasers who want large clouds of vapour. If you want to directly inhale and exhale giant clouds of vapour, enough to fill a room, then these are the vape tanks for you.

Vaped at a high power and with a low nicotine strength, the supplied atomizers with these tanks are best vaped over 31W.

We stock a wide range of Totally Wicked branded e-liquid tanks, as well as specially selected tanks from our partners Joyetech, Eleaf, and Wismec. If you need to buy replacement atomizer heads for your tank, you can browse by device in our Atomizers by Tank section. If you’re looking for more information on the differences between our e-cig tanks, be sure to check out our handy vape tank guide.


Your vape tank will need maintenance, normally people are aware of changing atomizer heads or coils, but ideally you should periodically give your e-liquid tank a clean.

There are a few reasons you may want to properly clean your vape tank. If you are changing flavour and want to get the old e-liquid out, you can use some clean, dry paper towel to mop up any remaining drops from the tank. But if it’s a particularly strong flavour your tank may need a deep clean.

Even if you are keeping the same flavour, it is beneficial to completely service your tank every month or so. Keeping it clean can help performance, increase longevity and help prevent e-liquid leaks.

This is the best method for cleaning a vape tank:

1. Empty your vape tank of all e-liquid, pouring anything remaining into a paper towel and discarding in the bin.
2. Completely disassemble your vape tank. Taking off the top, base, mouthpiece and glass.
3. Remove the atomizer head or coil from the base. You do not want to get any water on these.
4. Wipe each section with a clean paper towel to remove any remaining e-liquid.
5. Hold each section of your vape tank in running warm water. You shouldn’t use soap or any cleaning products, it only needs warm water.
6. Once you have done each section, pat them dry with a clean cloth or kitchen towel.
7. Then leave them to dry naturally. They need to be completely dry before you reassemble the tank and refill it with e-liquid.


Your vape tank needs to be treated with care. It is usually made from glass and metal, sits on top of a battery and is full of a fluid, e-liquid. Your mouthpiece needs to be secure, you should ensure that the seals are all intact and that your e-cig tank is screwed together properly.

Keeping your vape tank in good condition will not only ensure it lasts you for much longer, but your overall vaping experience will be better. There is nothing more frustrating than a leaking e-cig tank, or a tank that just isn’t performing. This is more often than not a preventable annoyance.

Why is my vape tank getting hot?

When you press the button on your e-cig, the battery starts to deliver power to your coil. This is a metal wire that is wrapped around, or through wicking material. As the power is delivered to the coil it starts to heat up and vapourise your e-liquid, ready for you to inhale.

This heat from the coil can start to transfer to the surrounding tank. If you are using a sub-ohm coil, or your battery is set to a high wattage you are more likely to get a hot tank.

If your tank is getting hot it can also be down to your style of vaping. If you chain vape, your tank doesn’t have time to cool down in-between vapes, so it will remain hot and keep getting warmer.

It is completely normal for your vape tank to get warm, but if it feels too hot, or takes a long time to cool down try altering your vaping style. If you have a sub-ohm coil try turning your wattage down slightly. Also ensure that your atomizer head is working properly and possibly give your tank a clean.

Why is my vape tank leaking?

While it can be frustrating, there are a few reasons why your vape tank may be leaking, all of which can be fixed;

Is your atomizer head working properly?

If your atomizer has reached the end of its life it may start altering the taste of your e-liquid, but that isn’t the only symptom. Sometimes it will not be as effective at vapourising your fluid. This means that as you draw on your e-cig some fluid that wasn’t vapourised is left sat in the middle of the coil. This can cause flooding or leaking, so ensure that your atomizer is changed when it starts to underperform.

Is your tank glass / acrylic sleeve cracked?

Your e-cig tank is most likely made from glass. If you drop your vape tank, or it takes a knock there is a chance this glass can crack or break. Even if the crack is small it can cause the tank to leak.

We know accidents happen, but that shouldn’t mean you have to replace your tank. If you have broken or damaged your glass, we offer a selection of free glass replacements. Not all tanks have replacement glass, but if yours does, simply select the correct glass from the drop down and it will be discounted in your basket.

It could be the way you are drawing on your e-cig

Similar to having an atomizer head that needs changing, if you draw too hard too much e-liquid can be pulled into the atomizer head and it cannot vapourise it all properly. This will then sit in the atomizer head until you stop vaping and will usually end up seeping from the airflow holes at the base of your tank. If there is airflow at the top then your atomizer head will stay flooded until you next vape it, then it can spit.

Do you store your e-cig lying down?

Then this could be why its leaking. If you are going to store your e-cig for longer than an hour, you ideally want to store it stood up. Otherwise the e-liquid is working with gravity to force it through the e-liquid inlets on the side of the atomizer head. When you stand it back up this can leak out of the airflow.


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