E-liquid Subscription FAQs

Can I amend my e-liquid subscription?

Of course you can, everyone changes their mind. Simply amend your subscription at any time by clicking 'modify box' within your account section of the website. We just ask that you make these changes at least 2 working days before the dispatch date.

Why can I not use a coupon code when I am a Club Wicked member?

As a Club Wicked member you will have a discount applied directly on all products without having to look for a code. The discount is on full priced items only and not in conjunction with any other offers.


When will my monthly e-liquid subscription start?

Once you have purchased your subscription it is active straight away. As soon as your payment is confirmed we will start the dispatch process. Your payment will then be taken every 30 days from the date you subscribed and dispatched soon after.

Do I get an extra bottle of e-liquid as I have spent over £30?

As a Club Wicked member you get better value than buying 12 bottles and an extra discount as part of your membership, so this is not given.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Club Wicked membership is reliant upon the monthly subscription, if you cancel this or miss one then unfortunately you will no longer be a Club Wicked member. If you have an issue with an expired card on your PayPal account, then please call the Club Wicked line where they will be more than happy to help.

How do I move through the Club Wicked groups?

Once you have been a Club Wicked member for 6 continuous months, you will be automatically moved from the Truly Wicked group to the Madly Wicked group and further added benefits will apply, such as an increased site-wide discount. When you have been a Club Wicked member for 12 continuous months you will automatically move to the Deeply Wicked group and your site-wide discount will increase further, as well as other exclusive benefits.

What e-liquid ranges can I choose from?

You can currently choose from our Red Label, Diavlo, Diavlo Heavy, Titan, Mr Wicked's, Switz and Patriot e-liquid ranges. 

Do all my e-liquid selections have to be from the same range? 

If your first order was from a specific subscription box for a range of e-liquid, then you can only choose e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths from within that range, however if you wish to amend your selection to include different ranges at a later date you can. If you would like a selection of e-liquids simply order from the 'Mix and Match' subscription listing.

Can I cancel my e-liquid subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you do cancel you lose the benefits of being in Club Wicked. If you sign up after cancelling your e-liquid subscription, you would start again as a Truly Wicked member.

How do I pay for my e-liquid subscription?

You can only pay for your e-liquid subscription by using PayPal and signing up for a recurring payment. This allows the payment to be debited every month and your favourite e-liquid to arrive on time.

What if I want more than 12 bottles in my e-liquid subscription?

All our e-liquid subscriptions currently have a 12 bottle option, but you can have more than one e-liquid subscription running at a time.

Can I pick my delivery date?

The delivery date is dictated by the initial date of order, unfortunately this cannot be changed as it ties into the recurring payment through PayPal. Please Note: Payment is taken every 30 days and not the same date each month.

Can I set up, amend or pick up my e-liquid subscription in store?

This is an online exclusive offer that cannot be replicated in any of our stores. 

Can I still buy e-liquid alongside my subscription?

Yes and you will get a great deal thanks to your Club Wicked discount.

Is the Club Wicked E-liquid subscription available to anyone?

At the moment the e-liquid subscription is only available to customers within the UK and selected European countries.


When I am a member of Club Wicked will I get free delivery?

Club Wicked means fast, free UK delivery for all your vaping supplies. Order all your Totally Wicked products on your own terms, there is no need to fill your basket to make free delivery feel worth it. Simply order what you want, when you need it, for completely free UK delivery. When you order before noon Monday-Friday we will dispatch your items the very same day, meaning even less time waiting for your vape mail.