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Titan Vape Liquid

A Firm Favourite

Titan vape liquid is made exclusively for TW by our primary partner Joyetech; produced in Joyetech’s own specially developed fluid production facility, run to European standards of quality and product specification.  The Titan range has over 20 different flavours available in 10ml bottles, in 3 nicotine strengths.


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  1. Titan E-liquid - American Red Tobacco

    Mix & Match from £3.59

    Titan E-liquid - American Red Tobacco
    • Tobacco flavour e-liquid
    • 3 Nicotine strengths
    • £2.92 each in a subscription

Items 25-25 of 25

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Titan e-liquid is a firm favourite amongst our wicked vapers. 

In the early days, there was very little e-liquid available outside of pre-filled cartomizers and cartridges. However, the Totally Wicked ‘Titan’ e-cig provided in its kit a 10ml bottle of fluid. Such was the positive feedback from our customers on the menthol and tobacco e-liquids provided in the kit, we decided to make the fluid available on general sale and also build the range to where it is today. 

Titan e-liquid has a PG/VG ratio of 70:30, providing a great throat hit. 

Totally Wicked Titan E-liquid is backed by our guarantee of e-liquid excellence. This means when you vape our e-liquid, you are assured that it is only the best.

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