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A Guide to Your First Vape Mod

Vape mods

Whether you are new to vaping or have been a regular vaper for a while, you might not have dabbled in the world of vape mods. We are going to take an in-depth look at this type of vaping and hopefully help you choose your first vape mod.

What Is a Vape Mod?

What Are the Different types?

There are various types of vape mods. They vary in terms of look, functionality and settings and depending on what you want to get out of your vaping experience, determines what mod you should choose.

  1. Box mods: Box mods are exactly as they are described. They are an e-cig in the shape of a box. They tend to be larger than average, they will either have a larger integrated battery or will utilize a removable e-cig battery and almost all of them have adjustable settings. These are some of the most popular vape mods. Vapers tend to use these when they want a larger battery capacity and the ability to turn their power up and down.
  2. Mech mods: Mechanical mods don’t have any internal electrical parts and use a purely mechanical function, hence the name. They are tube shaped, made from metal, hold a removeable 18650 battery and as you press a button (usually on the bottom of the mod), this pushes the battery up and it makes an electrical connection. Vapers who use mechanical mods tend to do so to achieve huge clouds of vapour. You can use extremely sub-ohm coils and utilize the full power of the removeable battery. But you have to be clued up on battery safety and ohms law to ensure that you are vaping safely.
  3. Squonk mods: Squonk mods are a niche vape mod that aren’t as popular as they once were. It is a combination of different parts of different mods. It is like a mechanical mod, an RDA and a regular e-cig all in one. They are box shaped and incorporate a battery, e-liquid bottle and dripper (RDA). It is essentially hands-free dripping. (Dripping is the practice of having an open tank that you directly drip your e-liquid onto your coil and cotton to achieve better flavour). Within the body of the ‘squonker’ is a bottle and a battery, usually behind a magnetic cover. You squeeze the bottle of e-liquid through a hole cut out in the body of the mod and this feeds the e-liquid up to your coil. These are for vapers who want to use dripping as their everyday vaping style, but don’t want the maintenance it entails.
  4. Slimline mods: Slimline vape mods are box mods but smaller. They will have an integrated battery (as they are too small for a removeable battery) and usually have adjustable settings. They tend to focus on form factor and they are usually a ‘mini’ e-cig. These are for vapers who want the functionality of a box mod, but they don’t want to carry around a huge e-cig all day.

What are the different components?

Buying a vape mod on its own means you can completely customize your vape. You can pick the accessories that go with your mod rather than it coming with a full kit. 



Depending on the mod you choose; you can massively vary the type of tank you choose. If you go for a larger box mod you can go for a tank with a bigger diameter, this usually means the coils are bigger and designed for sub-ohm vaping. If you go for a squonk mod you can choose from the bottom feeding drippers and if you go for a mechanical mod, any tank will work as long as you know your ohms law and keep an eye on coil resistance.



As mentioned above, a variety of tanks means a huge choice of coils. If you pick a vape mod that can output high power, it means you can go for a sub-ohm coil and produce huge clouds of vapour. If you have a slim line mod, you can choose a much smaller tank so the coils will probably be a higher resistance.

Vape Mods


If your mod has a removeable battery you have a variety of battery types to choose from. They vary in terms of capacity, amp limit and discharge rate. Just always keep in mind battery safety.



Once you have all of your other components together, you can then tailor your vape juice to your e-cig. If you have a cloud chasing set up that is high powered with sub-ohm coils, you want to go for an e-liquid that has a low nicotine strength and a high VG content. If you have a smaller mod, with higher resistance coils, you might want a higher PG content, higher nicotine strength or nic salts.

What are the benefits of vape mods?

Vape mods are one of the most popular ways of vaping. This is mainly due to the many benefits of this style of vaping, let’s have a look at some of the top benefits.

Control over your vaping experience

Vape mods provide a level of control over your vaping experience that vape pens don’t. You can change the settings depending on what you want to achieve from your vape. The settings usually include variable wattage, variable temperature, variable voltage and smart modes.

Vape mod versatility

Vape pens are a plug and play way of vaping. But they don’t grow with you as a vaper. Choosing a vape mod means that as your style of vaping changes, it changes with you. You can start using high resistance coils and lower wattages to help you stop smoking, then if you want to start using sub-ohm coils and lower nicotine strength e-liquid you can just switch your tank and turn up the power.

Battery monitoring

If your vape mod has a screen (as a lot of them do) then they tend to have a visual way of monitoring your remaining battery level. It’s much easier to see if your battery needs charging, this makes maintenance much easier.


There is a such a huge variety of styles when it comes to vape mods, that you can actually cater to your own style as well as what functionality you want. There are a lot of different shapes, colours, patterns and finishes.

Can you get cheap vape mods?

The short answer is yes, you can get affordable vape mods. Everyones version of ‘affordable’ will be different, but below are some vape mods from Totally Wicked that are vapers favourites.

arc 5 vape kit


Wismec R40 Vape Pod


Arc Slim Vape Kit


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