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Best Vapes for Every Stage of the Vaping Journey

No matter the stage of your vaping journey there might be a reason that you want to order a new vape. But with so much choice it can sometimes be a challenge to pin down exactly what e-cig you should choose. So, whether you are a smoker who is looking for their first e-cig, someone who has tried vaping before but just couldn’t make the switch from smoking, or a regular vaper who wants a new e-cig, this guide is here to help.

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Types of vape devices

There are a lot of different types of e-cig available and while they all work in fundamentally the same way, they might look different and they will give you a different vaping experience.



 Types of vape devices

Cig-a-likes – This style of e-cig are less popular now than they once were. These are e-cigs that are designed to look almost exactly like a tobacco cigarette. They are very small, discreet and are designed to have the look and feel of smoking. There are no buttons to press and there is normally a small cartridge that is prefilled with a high nicotine strength e-liquid, that cannot be refilled.

Disposable vape – The disposable vape has grown in popularity. They are a pre-filled, pen style e-cig that needs no set-up, no maintenance and have no buttons to press. You take them out of the packet and inhale to vape. Disposables are a great way to try vaping for the first time, or as a second e-cig for a night out or a back up. They ususally use nic salts and have great flavour.

Pod e-cigVape pod kits are the evolution of the cig-a-like vape. They can come in a few different types, but the most common is a small e-cig that has a push fit cartridge. They are usually very simple to use, with little to no settings and a lot are inhalation activated, meaning there is no button. The pods or cartridges can be pre-filled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled, or they can be provided empty and filled with your own vape juice.

Vape pen – We are now into the ‘traditional’ types of e-cigs you may have seen. These are called a vape pen, because they are a cylindrical shape. They can come in a variety of sizes and will usually have a vape battery, tank and can be refilled with e-liquid. These will also have vape coils that can be changed.

Box mod – Again this is a style of e-cig that you will have probably seen. The clue is in the name, these box mods look like a small box. They will have a vape mod and a vape tank. Almost all box mods will have adjustable settings and produce more vapour and throat hit.


What is important in your vape experience?

There are certain things you need to consider when it comes to choosing an e-cig. Depending on what you want from your vaping experience, what size you want your vape to be and where you will be vaping. Lets take a look at some of the things you might want to consider.


How much do you want to spend on your e-cig? – Price is important. So, one of the first things you need to consider is how much do you want to spend on your vape? No matter what your budget you will be saving a massive amount of money compared to smoking. The average smoker saves around £3200 a year when they make the switch to vaping. Pick a budget and stick to it, there will be an e-cig to suit your spend.

What do you want your e-cig to look like? – This might not sound important but it really is. You are most likely going to be integrating your vape into your everyday life. If you don’t like the look of it you won’t want to be carrying it round all day with you.

Do you need a discreet vape device? – What size do you need your vape to be? If there is a reason that you need a discreet e-cig? Take note of the dimensions and weight on the listings as sometimes the pictures don’t tell the full story

Best e-cig for you

It is time for us to start looking at the best e-cig for you. No matter if you are a smoker looking for your first e-cig, your current vape doesn’t quite fit your needs or you are a regular vaper looking for something new, the following choices will point you in the right direction.

New Vaper

If you are a smoker looking to choose your first e-cig, one of the easiest ways to do this is by basing your initial choice off the number of cigarettes you smoke. You will also want to choose from our selection of vape starter kits; these come with everything you need to start vaping as soon as it arrives, including a bottle of our UK made vape juice.


Light smokers: Around 5 a daybyte e-cig - If you only smoke around five cigarettes a day then you don’t need to worry so much about battery life, as you only need to use your e-cig as and when you need it. The byte is a pre-filled pod with a higher nicotine strength. But it is a next generation nic salt, so you won’t need to vape it all the time, the nicotine delivery is almost identical to smoking. If you want to try vaping for the first time, a disposable vape is a great place to start. They feel like smoking and there is no set-up or maintenance required. 

Regular smokers: 5 to 15 a daySkope S e-cig – If you are a regular smoker, you might be around 10 cigarettes a day. This means you will probably need your e-cig with you throughout the day. You might need some more battery life and the ability to refill your e-cig with an e-liquid that suits you. The Skope S is ideal. Even though it has a smaller battery size than some others, it incorporates ECO technology so you get even longer battery life.

Heavier smokers: 20+ a daySkope Air vape pod – If you are a 20+ a day smoker you will probably need a higher strength nicotine and a battery that will last you almost all day. The Skope Air is a beginner friendly vape pod. It is easy to use and can feel just like smoking. There is a button on the front that you can press to vape. Don't feel like pressing a button? Just inhale on the e-cig and you can vape that way too.


byte Vape Pod


Skope S Pen Style E-cig


Skope Air e-cig
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Tried Vaping Before

When you first make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, there can be an element of trial and error. While there is an ideal e-cig for everyone, it can sometimes take some finding. So, you might have tried vaping before and not been successful. This is just a bump in the road, you just need to find the right kit that provides what you need from your vaping experience.


Still craved cigarettes: arc 5 e-cig – If you tried vaping and found that you were still craving cigarettes, even with the right nicotine strength for you. You might need some extra power to give you a really good throat hit and more vapour production. The arc 5 is one of our best-selling vape kits, with good reason. It has a large battery life and can output up to 40W of power. This means you can tweak your power and also change your coil within the CS range to really tailor your vaping experience.

Vaping made you cough: Tornado EX2 e-cig - Coughing when you first start vaping is completely normal. Vaping feels completely different to smoking and the cough usually passes in a couple of days. But if you were consistently coughing it might mean that you need a low powered e-cig with a nic salt e-liquid, which is a vape juice designed to be much smoother with less throat hit. The Tornado EX2 is a vape pen that has a 1.2ohm higher resistance coil and is great for using nic salt vape juice.

Too much vapour: arc Mini e-cig – Not everyone wants to produce massive clouds of vapour and it can be off putting for some people. If this was the case when you tried e-cigs you need to choose a device that is lower powered and has higher resistance coils. The arc Mini has adjustable power, but only up to 20W. It also uses CS coils so has higher resistance options


arc 5 E-cig


Tornado EX2 Vape Pen


arc Mini e-cig
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Long Term Vaper

Just because you have been vaping regularly for a while, doesn’t mean that you don’t want something slightly different from your vaping experience. There could be several reasons why you are on the hunt for a new vape. Let’s cover some of these below.


More throat hit: arc GTi e-cig – Do you feel like you need a bit more throat hit, but you don’t want to increase the nicotine strength of your vape juice? You want to lean towards a vape kit that has sub-ohm coils and can output higher powers. The arc GTi is the ideal kit to give you the freedom for more power and sub-ohm coils.

More vapour production: INTU Pro Mini e-cig –The Intu Pro Mini is truly a mini e-cig that packs a punch. This tiny vape kit can be vaped with the button, or by inhaling, it has a top filling vape tank and is extremely easy to use.

Longer battery life: arc Evo e-cig – If you need your battery to last even longer between changes you have to go for the arc Evo kit. It has the largest battery life of any kit we supply, coming in at 4400mAh. This should last even the heaviest vaper well over a day before needing to recharge.


arc GTi e-cig


INTU Pro Mini E-cig


arc Evo e-cig
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