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Vape Mods Guide

What is a vape mod?

Vape mods are a slightly more advanced type of e-cigarette than your typical offering. While plenty of e-cig starter kits offer you a simple introduction to vaping, vape mods provide you with greater power and the option to customise your experience.

Also known as box-mod vapes, they often come with adjustable settings. These allow you to alter the amount of vapour and flavour you receive. Vape mods also have other benefits such as increased battery power and the option to control your wattage.

How to use a vape mod?

First, it’s important to understand that how you use your vape mod depends on the specific type you choose. Always refer to the user manual and follow the instructions to ensure you get off to the best start possible with your new box-mod. However, here are some tips for vape mods:

  • Start at a low wattage – this will ensure you aren’t overdoing it with the amount of vapour
  • Speak to one of our advisers on 01254 692244 and find out if and how you can customise your vape mod. Often, you can change the coils and other parts of you box mod to create different vape experiences.
  • If you’ll often be away from a charging point, choose a mod with high battery power or the option for using spare or external batteries.
  • Consider what kind of customisation you want. Do you just want to alter the power at which you vape? Or would you like to be able change your coils and tank for real custom vaping?
  • Remember, vape mods are often a lot larger than vape pens – make sure you take size into account when making your choice. If small is what you’re after, look to the arc slim or arc mini – two of the most lightweight and compact vape mods.

Which vape mods are best?

The best vape mod for you depends on a range of factors: size, required battery power and the amount of vapour. There’s more to consider but these are good starting points for making your choice.

At Totally Wicked, we provide some of the best vape mods on the market. From budget vape mods right through to highly advanced vape mods with over 200w of power. Here’s a quick summary of the vape mods we offer:

arc vape mods – are a great introduction to vaping while offering high levels of customisation ideal for perfecting your experience.

Wismec vape mods – are known for their cutting edge technology and futuristic designs. Expect high quality and advanced customisation and up to 200w of power.

Eleaf vape mods – come in a range of funky styles and patterns. But this doesn’t mean they lose out on quality. You can expect cloud producing tanks, up to 220w of power and long-lasting batteries too.

If you have any further questions about vape mods, get in touch on 01254 692244 or call in to your local store.

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