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Vape Pods Guide

Vape pod kits are a great option for smokers who want to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. They are simple to use and are perfect for vaping higher nicotine strengths and nic salts. 

There are different types of vape pod and as with everything there are pros and cons to this style of vaping. This guide to vape pod will help you decide if a vape pod is the right electronic cigarette for you. 

What are the different types of vape?

There are two different e-cig ‘systems’ that you can choose from. An open tank system and a closed tank system.

Open tank system – This mainly describes your ‘average’ e-cig that you are used to seeing. It has a battery with a tank that sits on the top of it. You refill this with e-liquid and change the coils when they stop working. 

Closed tank system – This typically describes a vape pod. It is an e-cig with a battery that has a pod on the top. This will be prefilled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled, nor can the coil be changed.

What are vape pods?

While the closed tank system is typically how vape pods are available to buy, advancements in technology mean that now, both e-cig ‘systems’ can be vape pods. Let us go into more detail.

What is a pre-filled / closed vape pod?

This is a vape pod that has a cartridge attached to a battery. This cartridge, or pod, is already filled with e-liquid, usually nicotine salts. You cannot refill the pod with e-liquid and the coil inside the pod in not replaceable. This means that when the liquid in the pod is empty or the coil stops working (whichever comes first) the cartridge needs replacing. They are usually a push fit, so this would be a case of pulling out the old pod, disposing of it and pushing in a new one. 

This type of vape pod is extremely low maintenance; they are plug and play. There are no refills or coil changes, this is great for smokers who are first transitioning to vaping as it is very easy to incorporate this type of pod into your daily routine. But, vaping this way can be more expensive and you are limited in terms of choice when it comes to e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength.  

What is an open vape pod? 

Open vape pods usually keep the same overall style of a closed system. They tend to have little to no settings to adjust and are still easy to maintain. The pods are manually refilled with e-liquid, there will usually be a rubber bung that seals the e-liquid fill port, you simply remove the pod to refill it with e-liquid. 

Depending on the pod, you might be able to change the coil as well. This means more freedom in terms of flavour and nicotine strength of your e-liquid, as well as this being a more cost-effective way to vape. 

Vape pods and nicotine salts

Nicotine salt vape juice are a really popular option for vape pods. This is for a few reasons, but the main one being power. 

Nicotine salts let vapers use a higher nicotine strength without any harsh throat hit. They provide a really smooth vaping experience and are great for new vapers who want a vaping experience that is very close to the sensation of smoking. 

Because of the complete lack of throat hit, the type of vape kit recommended for nicotine salts is something with a low power output that is an MTL vape. Vape pods are ideal for nic salts for this reason. Traditional vape pods tend to have no settings to adjust and will be much lower power with higher resistance atomizer heads. 

Pros and cons of a vape pod

While vape pods are the perfect way to vape for some people, they are not ideal for everyone. As with any vape kit, there are benefits and disadvantages. 

Benefits of a vape pod

  • Easy to use – Vape pods tend to not have any settings to adjust and are extremely easy to maintain. This makes the transition from smoking to vaping even easier, as there is little disruption to your normal daily routine. 
  • Lower initial cost – Vape pods, especially closed systems, tend to have a much lower initial cost than standard e-cigs. The Totally Wicked byte vape pod as an example, comes as a kit with four pre-filled pods for just £19.99. So, if you are unsure about vaping and if you want to fully commit, this is the ideal way to take your first steps into the world of vaping. 
  • Close to sensation of smoking – Vape pods have a specific sensation when vaping. This is a restricted draw that is very close to the sensation of smoking. So if you are trying to transition from smoking to vaping this is the ideal way. 
  • Discreet – You don’t have to have huge clouds of vapour to get satisfaction from your e-cig. Depending on what vape pod you choose, you can get a really discreet vape that is ideal for all day.
  • Compact – Vape pods tend to be smaller in size than regular e-cigs. This means that you aren’t carrying anything bulky or cumbersome with you all day. They will easily fit into a bag or pocket. 

Disadvantages of a vape pod

  • Small battery life – Being so compact and discreet means there has to be a compromise. Vape pods will have a smaller battery than regular e-cigs, so they will run out quicker and need charging more often. 
  • Lack of choice – If you choose a pre-filled pod, the choice of e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength will be much less than if you had an open tank system. 
  • More expensive to run – While the initial cost of buying a vape pod will be cheaper, keeping a pre-filled pod running will be more expensive in the long run. It is much more cost effective to use an open tank system that can be refilled with vape juice and in which you can replace the coils. 
  • Might need to upgrade quickly – Once you get into the swing of vaping, you might find yourself needing just a little bit more from your vape. Vape pods lack the ability to grow with your as your vaping experience moves forward. You might find yourself upgrading quickly. 
  • Vaping experience – The vaping experience from a pod is very specific and is not ideal for everyone. It is an MTL draw and there is usually no way to adjust the airflow. So, the sensation from a pod is not for everyone. 

Should you get a vape pod?

First time vapers – As vape pods provide an experience extremely close to the sensation of smoking, they are a good first step into the world of e-cigs. There is not as much financial commitment as the initial cost is smaller than a regular e-cig and it gives you a chance to really test out vaping, with a vape that emulates the feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Regular vapers – Vape pods are great if you want a compact, discreet e-cig that is ideal for taking out and about with you. A lot of regular vapers also use vape pods in the car, as they produce less vapour and are much more portable. 

Advanced vapers – Vape pods take away the hassle that can come with your high-powered mods and rebuildable tanks. It is a way to get back to your vaping basics. Also great for anyone who wants to try nic salts, they are not suited to high powered, sub-ohm e-cigs. Vape pods are the ideal way to vape nic salt e-liquid. 

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