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We are proud of the premier position we hold in the UK Vaping sector. Our independence is important to us as is our support to our reselling network in ensuring we offer not only the best products but the full Totally Wicked experience.

The TPD Regulatory environment will bring changes to the industry. However, Totally Wicked is fully prepared and our core product led and quality assured centricity of our business remains ever relevant and ensures our partnership opportunities remain sector leading.

What we can offer you as a Concession Store?

Example Concessions:

 Bargain Booze




"There is an undeniable trend of consumers moving away from conventional tobacco products which have traditionally been a huge footfall driver for retailers, as such we needed to consider the alternatives. This led us to look at the electric cigarette and liquid market. In the 10+ years we have operated in retail, we have rarely seen a market with the potential held by Vaping.

We began selling these products in 2014, at which point we trialled several different brands of liquids and hardware. We soon learned that we had misunderstood the market, assuming that price was king. We quickly learned that this was not true, and in fact what consumers wanted was a quality, UK based and Certified liquid with the hardware that is well produced and reliable. This is where we met Totally Wicked and have not looked back!

The support we have received begins with a seamless supply chain, simple and quick ordering through the web interface, and fantastic service level through the distribution process. However this is just the beginning! Totally Wicked have hosted several training days for our team, providing them with the tools they need to be able to properly advise the consumer. Ongoing newsletters keeping us abreast of the market and product development ensure we are able to offer consumers credible and tailored advice. Coupled with the fantastic display solutions custom made for our retail space, we have seen a huge uplift in turnover.


In our latest installation we replaced an existing counter top unit selling a competitors brand of liquids and hardware. The Totally Wicked team spent the day training our team, whilst installing and merchandising a simple 'off counter' display solution. In the very first week, we DOUBLED our turnover of vaping products, and have seen steady growth ever since. Needless to say, our rollout programme continues!"

David Parsons FCCA

Managing Director
Acumen Retail Limited


The Business Opportunity

Totally Wicked is pleased to receive enquiries from the following:

  • An individual or group of existing UK based vape store businesses looking for TPD compliance support and a business enhancing relationship by becoming totally dedicated, Totally Wicked stockists.
  • Concession outlets in reputable UK forecourts, tobacconists or convenience stores.
  • An individual or corporate retail business wishing to own and operate a dedicated Totally Wicked exclusive vaping store within our sector leading programme.
  • Non UK based businesses selling vape products outside the UK.

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Underpinning all of what Totally Wicked has done and will continue to do, is enshrined in our Mission Statement:

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