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New Website Changes

Here you will find more information about the changes that we have made in May 2019 to the Totally Wicked website to help ensure you have the best online experience that we can offer.

New cleaner layout screens

The site design has been improved including making the header slimmer so there is no need to scroll as much to get to what you want to get to. On the home page, we have made it much easier to locate your local Totally Wicked store, with over 150 dedicated stores and over 350 Eurogarages stocking your favourite e-liquid - finding one close to you has just got easier.

Clickable menu links

You can now click the menu headers to be taken to the main categories and as such there are fewer sub-menu's to navigate. Also, we have made it less confusing by moving all removable batteries to the accessories section, leaving all the other battery mods and similar in a new category called Power Units.

Animations image

Wherever you see a play button next to a word (or two) you can click the word and an animation will pop-up giving your more detailed information on what you are reading. Very handy if you are on a mobile or simply prefer to watch a short video rather than read lots of words. All the animations are short so not a lot of time needed. 

Enhancement payment options image

As with the old site you can still pay by PayPal, but we now have an enhanced system that means if you would like to sign up to our e-liquid subscription service but do not use PayPal you can do so using your debit or credit card. 

Faster loading time image

This new site has been built to make loading time much faster so that you can get on with your day without waiting for products to load. Idealy for those users on 3/4G

Extra E-liquid image

This is the biggest change of all, especially for existing customers. We still include a bottle of e-liquid with all our kits so that you are good to go as soon as your kit arrives, but the way you select this has now changed. Rather than adding the e-liquid with the kit you now select it at the checkout. In addition the extra bottle that you get when you spend over £30 is also added at checkout. Prompts are visible during the basket process to ensure that you do not miss out. 

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