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SKE Crystal 4-in-1


SKE Crystal 4-in-1

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 is available to buy in increments of 1

Product Overview



4-in-1 vape pod

4-in-1 vape pod

17 vape pod flavours across the range

17 vape pod flavours across the range

950mAh vape battery

950mAh vape battery

Replaceable prefilled pods

Replaceable prefilled pods

600 puffs from each 2ml pod

600 puffs from each 2ml pod

SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Specifications

  • Battery capacity - 950mAh
  • Battery output - 11W
  • Coil type - Mesh coil
  • Coil resistance - 1.1ohm
  • Pod clip capacity - 4 Pods
  • Nicotine strength - 2.0% (20mg)
  • Pod capacity - 2ml E-liquid
  • Puff count - 600 per pod
  • Charging connection - USB-C
  • TPD compliant
  • Ingredients - Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Nicotine Benzoate and flavourings

Kit Contents

  • 1 x SKE Crystal device
  • 4 x Prefilled Flavour Pods

Discover the new 4-in-1 rechargeable pod kit from SKE Crystal Vape. This new pod kit follows on from other 2400 puff devices. SKE 4-in-1 has the added feature of being rechargeable making it as simple to use as disposables but longer lasting like vape pod kits.

The rotating pod mechanism lets your seamlessly switch between flavours or quickly change an empty pod. Each pod has an indicator on the side informing you of which flavour you have chosen. They are prefilled with 2ml nicotine salts and contain 20mg of nicotine, replicant of the SKE Crystal Bar.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to flavour. The SKE Crystal 4-in-1 is available in 6 single flavour and 4 multi flavour Pod Kits. If you already own the kit and you’re looking for SKE Crystal replacement pods, we have 5 mixed flavour editions available to buy.

If you’re looking for an alternative to single use disposables, then the SKE Crystal 4-in-1 could be a good choice. The SKE 4-in-1 has all the same easy to use features commonly found with disposables, plus the addition of 4 x more puffs and being rechargeable. This vape pod kit is a great way to move onto a more sustainable vaping device.

How to set up the Crystal Vape 4-in-1

Follow these steps to ensure your Crystal Vape 4-in-1 pod is primed properly.

Please note: failure to follow these steps may result in a burnt taste.

Step 1 - Remove from the packaging

1. Remove from the packaging

Step 2 - Rotate and remove the mouthpiece, insert all four pods

2. Rotate and remove the mouthpiece, insert all four pods

Step 3 - Rotate the mouthpiece to lock

3. Rotate the mouthpiece to lock

Step 4 - Rotate and click bottle to switch pod

4. Rotate and click bottle to switch pod


How Many Puffs Are In The SKE Crystal 4-in-1?

The SKE Crystal vape comes with 4 x pods with up to 600 puffs per pod. This equates to around 2400 puffs in total.

Why Isn’t My SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Working?

There could be a few reasons why your Crystal device isn’t working, the first being the pods may have run out. If you’re getting a burnt taste while trying to vape, it means your pod is empty. You can try to rotate the cartridges until you here a click. If you still get the burnt taste, then you most likely need to replace the SKE Crystals prefilled pods.

Another cause may be the battery. If the LED light on the bottom is flashing red, this could be an indicator that the 950mAh battery needs charging. This can be done with the fast-charging USB-C port at the bottom. Just plug it in to charge and leave it until the light goes green.

How Do I Change Flavours In The SKE Crystal Vape 4-in-1?

To change flavour, simply rotate the cartridges at the opening on the side of the device. It’s a simple rotating feature that lets you know when it's ready by clicking into place.

How Do I Replace My SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Pods?

Remove the cap from the top, tip the device upside down into a cupped hand and the empty pods will slide out. Once the device is empty, you can insert your new pods one at a time and replace the cap.

Is The SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Legal?

The SKE 4-in-1 is TPD compliant and is built to align with the regulations set out by the MHRA. Each pod is filled with 2ml e-liquid which is the maximum amount allowed in a single e-liquid cartridge.

Product Features

2400 Puffs

2400 Puffs

Get up to 2400 puffs from the 4 included pods, each filled with 2ml nicotine salt and 20mg Nicotine.

Rechargeable 950mAh Battery

Rechargeable 950mAh Battery

Charge your SKE Crystal 4-in-1 with USB-C quick charging.

SKE Crystal Vape 4-in-1 rotating pod

Rotating pod mechanism

Conveniently twist and click to change flavour.

SKE Crystal Vape 4-in-1 flavour indicator

Flavour Indicator

Side window and arrows, so you know what flavour has been chosen.

SKE Crystal 4-in-1 available flavours

Multi-flavour Options:

  • Blue Edition - Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Blueberry Raspberries, Cola Ice, Blueberry Peach.
  • Green Edition - Lemon & Lime, Tropical Mixed, Bluberry Lime, Lychee Ice.
  • Rose Edition - Cherry Ice, Fizzy Cherry, Strawberry Burst, White Peach Razz.
  • White Edition - Watermelon Ice, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon Strawberry, Melon Berry.


Single Flavour Options

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