Tanks and Atomizers: Introduction To Tanks And Atomizers

Atomizer tank components


With so many apparently different tanks and atomizer heads available it can often be confusing to work out which is best for you. This page aims to help understand the range of tanks we offer, but more importantly to ensure that you are able to find the right device for your own needs. 

Why are there so many different types of tanks and atomizer heads?

The answer to this is essentially ‘choice’. The speed of technical development means that we are able to provide a wealth of tank and atomizer head combinations, that offer many different features and performance characteristics, and also let’s not forget ‘looks’.  It's common for vapers to own many different tanks, rotating between them.  We aim to support as best we can with a huge variety of atomizer heads and information to help with maintenance of your favourite combination.

Totally Wicked Tanks And Atomizers

Tanks are the natural evolution of electronic cigarettes.  When e-liquid started to become more available and accessible in 2009, development started to provide users with devices that could be easily refilled and hold more fluid to complement the increased battery life that newer products delivered. The first tank device was the Tornado Tank, which we still stock today. It is probably more relevant today to refer to this device as a ‘cartridge’ not a ‘tank’ device, but the terminology goes back to 2009. This product was instrumental in transforming product development.

Development continued and has led to a range of tanks that have their own characteristics.  Ultimately though the basic principles are relevant to all tanks. They simply provide both a means of holding the e-liquids and they contain an atomizer head which is mechanically and electrically designed so that the combined device can be connected to a battery or power unit.  The basic differences are simply defined by considering some primary characteristics:

  • Price: We stock a range of tanks for all pockets and budgets from combined tank and atomizer units for less than £5 to our high end Slider range. 
  • Size: Due to TRPR regulations the maximum capacity of an e-cig tank is capped at 2ml. There are tanks that hold less than 2ml, but there are no longer e-liquid tanks bigger than 2ml.
  • Atomizer type: Certain tanks are designed to work with specific atomizer heads. The type of atomizer head contributes significantly to the performance and type of usage.
  • Power requirements: Certain atomizer head and tanks combinations are optimised for standard Tornado type 3.7V batteries, others are designed to work best on variable voltage or variable wattage devices.
  • Looks: Let’s not forget style! Most of our tanks are available in different colours and many with special design features which allow for users to choose a tank that not only meets their vaping needs but also their personal style.