E-liquid: History of Totally Wicked E-liquid

A Brief History

When e-cigs first came onto the market, buying e-liquid was a bit of a "hit and miss" affair. Most people didn't know what was in it and with most e-liquid coming from China, many people were concerned. Could we be sure of the quality of the fluid? Were the levels of nicotine 100% accurate?

Since the company's formation in 2008, Totally Wicked aimed to take a responsible position in finding and controlling the source of our e-liquid to ensure it was of the best quality and safe. We did a lot of trialling, contacted many different manufacturers, until we were happy we had found a company that could match our specific requirements. This meant we knew the manufacturers, we knew where the e-liquid came from and we could state that our e-liquid was the best - and really know it! We confirmed the fluid's quality using UK laboratories and proactively worked with UK authorities to achieve the first UK e-liquid CHiP compliance, these are EU rules, regulations and standards for consumer protection.

Since then, we have continued to grow and keeping to our core principles we have established and improved the range, quality and value of our e-liquid

E-liquid 2018
2018 - Mr Wicked's Premier E-liquid goes live. the culmination of 10 years e-liquid experience. The crème de la crème of e-liquids, there are 8 expertly blended flavours that encapsulate everything that is enjoyable about vaping.
E-liquid 2017
2017 - Diavlo Heavy goes live. Taking the core flavours from the Diavlo range and pairing them with a heavy VG base, designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping and large clouds of vapour. Switz E-liquid lands, premium e-liquid ideal for making the switch to vaping.
Odyssey Diavlo
2015 - The Odyssey and Diavlo premium ranges of e-liquid were developed by our skilled mixologists in the UK to create a luxurious and flavourful vape. Unflavoured Red Label e-liquid is introduced, coming in a variety of strengths and diluent ratios, which ensures all vaper's needs are catered for.
Red Label
2013 - The Red Label range hits the shelves and is an instant hit with vapers worldwide. It is sourced and manufactured in the UK and uses only the best components.
Mixing Kits
2012 - Our nicotine solutions, Platinum and Titanium Ice, and also flavour concentrates, Gold Standard, which were the first internationally available range of 'do it yourself' e-liquid mixing equipment and products go live. 
Patriot Range
2011 - The Patriot Range, which is produced exclusively for Totally Wicked in the USA, only using the best ingredients to maintain quality and consistency.
Original e-liquid
2009 - Our first unique Totally Wicked range - Original e-liquid is launched.

Keeping to our core principals we continue to expand our spectrum of e-liquids allowing for a wide variety of choice for our customers.

our e-liquid promise