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Whether you are looking to replace an existing tank or upgrade you will find the product you need in our tanks section. High build qualities, superb flavour generation, optimised vapour production, whilst also catering for those who want to rebuild their own coils, every need is catered for. Browse all of our tanks and find your new favourite today.



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Vaping fact: Every electronic cigarette needs an atomizer head! In our atomizer section you will find every atomizer head required to power every tank we stock.  We have categorised the atomizer heads associated to the respective tanks to assist in making this often confusing association simpler.  We also offer most of our atomizer heads in various resistances to allow for customisation of your experience. Remember, if you are ever unable to find the right atomizer head for your tank then take a look at our Tanks and Atomizers help section.



Did you know that we stock an e-cig tank for every type of vaper? 

For those looking for sub-ohm atomizer heads, to those searching for a discreet vape for when they are out and about, we have a tank for you. We have up to date 'atomizer by kit' and 'atomizer by tank' categories to help you find the right coil for your device.


We sell over 35 types of replacement atomizer heads.

The vaping industry has advanced from offering only a limited selection of pre-built atomizer heads, using one type of coil material, that were sometimes unreliable and expensive, to a huge range of high performance and reliable atomizer heads using many different coil types such as nickel, titanium and stainless steel, available at exceptionally competitive prices.

At Totally Wicked we offer variety; every vaper has their own favourite style of e-liquid tank and favourite atomizer head. Although some may look similar, you will be surprised at how different they can be. Not every tank and style of atomizer head is suited for every vaper, but with the huge variety we offer there will be something to match your vaping style.

Still can’t decide which tank, atomizer head or battery combo is the best for you? Look for the Live Chat icon, call our customer service team on: 01254 692244, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter where we will be happy to help.