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Our Customer Stories

Our Customer Stories

At Totally Wicked we provide the best support for smokers who want to switch to vaping. Whether that be face to face in our retail stores, online or over the phone with our customer service team. All of whom are trained in smoking cessation.

Through experience we know that tailored advice and regular check-in's really make a difference when you are new to vaping, so this is what we do for you. We never assume your level of knowledge, there are no silly questions. We know how daunting picking up your first e-cig can be, you might want to make the switch but just don't know where to start. We are here to make you brave enough to make the first move, with no pressure.

Our purpose is to make you feel at ease during a life changing decision. These people we helped took the time to write to us:

Anna vaping

I have used this company and their sister companies only and on the 10th May 2010 I had my very last cigarette, I was smoking 40 a day, I started vaping and wow what a difference it has made.

Over the years I have upgraded my ecigs till this fantastic ArcGTI which I absolutely love I now have a really good sense of smell, my nasal passages are completely clear, I rarely cough, my sinuses are clear and if I ever do cough my phlegm is clear The best thing I ever did and this companies customer service is second to none - they are so so helpful and friendly, nothing is ever is too much for them

All the very best and thanks so much for all you do

Craig Vaping

I tried to quit smoking a few times by going cold turkey, I failed. I was smoking around 10 cigarettes a day but around 4 years ago I stumbled across Totally Wicked.

At the start, I had a live chat with a member of their team, I explained my issues and addressed what I would want out of vaping, together we picked a vape that would be suited to me and I was guided smoothly from the start, included “check in” calls from their amazing team.

I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since, my Asthma has massively improved and whilst initially I was unsure about moving to vaping, it was the best decision I’ve ever made, plus it saved me so much money.

Now, I have a monthly subscription which sends my favourite e-liquids every 30 days and I’m also a Club Wicked Member which entitles me to amazing discounts.

In terms of ongoing service, I stumbled across an issue with my first kit as I just felt it wasn’t fulfilling my needs anymore which was tempting me to go back to the dreaded cigs. I jumped straight onto Live Chat and had another good discussion around my needs and gained further advice to help me progressing along my path – I was saved once again.

My new kit is the arc pico, it was really easy to set up and I even had a talk through on how best to use it from the Totally Wicked Team.

In summary, with the money saving and health benefits aside, I’m thrilled to have moved to vaping as I hadn’t realised how much smoking stank, my hands, clothes and hair all used to stink of smoking and now I smell nothing but fresh!

I can’t recommend Totally Wicked highly enough!

Tom's vape pen

I don't normally write reviews good or bad but felt this was deserving off effort.

Skope Q - I decided to quit smoking after 20 years. Wanted to for ages not knowing if I’d follow through or stick it out. I was beyond confused browsing vapes and reading jargon.

I didn’t and still don't really understand the jargon, I was almost ready to give up trying to give up, when I had a live chat with a totally wicked member off staff.
Changed my life for the better. I had less than novice questions that most vapers would laugh at.

However I was so well guided and advised it was humbling. No upselling and a very personal approach even with live chat. I felt at ease and very informed, not to mention determined to quit after chatting.

No idea about what to get or how to start, but was so well advised and supported I was able to make a decision.

The Skope Q is amazing. I have a physical job and I’m heavy handed...not to mention too old to be a millennial so if it’s a gadget or gizmo it’s out of my comfort zone. This device is “me proof” so if I can use it, anyone can!!! It has easy to read and understand display that does all the work for you right out the box.

Friends who are into vaping with big kits are saying upgrade. No way, I’m loving this and it does everything I want it to and better than I could expect.

Was smoking 10-20 roll ups a day! Using 1% nicotine and fairly heavy use each day. Battery life is lasting a 10hr shift and some.

The staff really put me in the right place to start vaping and quit smoking. Never before have I felt so comfortable and ready to stop. This vape is the one to get no questions asked. Unbreakable. Compact. Easy to use, and clouds as nice as the bigger expensive ones my mates have. No burning taste, no issues.

Not only that, I just received a really nice follow up email from Totally Wicked.

The way I been dealt with as a customer trying to kick a horrible habit is amazing. Other companies in all industries should use Totally Wicked staff's approach as the gold standard.

I’m proud to be a non smoker because of Totally Wicked and using the Skope Q. The help, support and vape advice I was given didn’t leave me feeling like I had to spend lots of money on stuff I didn’t understand.
£30 plus some liquid was a good investment = 2 weeks of tobacco cost.

Just about to order some more vape juice now and won’t go anywhere else.

During lockdown giving up smoking is harder when options to do other things are limited. Yet these guys and girls have made that possible with good customer care at entry level.

Thank you and keep up the good work