We all have our vaping unicorn, an e-cig that would be perfect in every way, but never seems to exist.

I got to thinking, if you could pick one feature to do with vaping, no matter how implausible it might seem, what would it be?

I asked around the office and we came up with the 10 things vapers want more than cake.

1. Never ending E-liquid

A bottomless bottle of e-liquid that refills itself. I have no idea how the logistics of this would work, but I’m all for it.

2. E-cig tracker

Two of us had the same idea. I went simple, you whistle and it whistles back. The dark corners of my handbag are e-cig havens so this would save me a lot of frustration. One of the IT guys would like a GPS tracker with an app so you could locate your e-cig anywhere in the world, figures.

Tracker Icon

3. integrated car e-cig

Not an e-cig holder, an actual e-cig that is part of your car. Maybe set into the dashboard that you topped up through a dedicated hole with a mouthpiece attached to a flexible tube that could be easily stored.

4. vaping glasses

Remember those glasses made from straws that you can drink through? Like that, but for vapour.


5. Voogle

A dedicated vaping search engine. Voogle anything about e-liquid, Ohm’s Law, atomizer resistance and it will find your answer.

6. Slide across mouthpiece cover

Push a button and a protector will slide across your mouthpiece to stop dust and crumbs getting down there when it’s in your pocket or bag.

7. Everlasting atomizer

An atomizer that never burns out, yes please.

8. self-charging e-cig

Your e-cig is at 20% battery, registering this fact its little wheels roll itself to a charger, plugging itself in. Like a robot hoover. (You can thank the technical department for this one)

Battery Life Indicator

9. Bluetooth and WIFI integration with flavour auto-detect

I know Bluetooth integration is already a reality with some e-cigs. But what about Bluetooth and WIFI that auto detects your flavour and posts it to social media? As well as showing the top stories from your newsfeed on the screen.

10. Radioactive isotope battery

A battery that lasts 500 years, but is radioactive. What could possible go wrong?

Battery Cell

Bonus 11th entry – Fingerprint locking

These are our top 10 things vapers want more than cake.

If you could have one feature integrated into your e-cig what would it be?

Let us know in the comments below.

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