One of the best things about vaping is that you can tailor the experience to fit your preferences perfectly. From choosing your favourite flavour to adjusting the strength, you can have your e-cig set up just the way you want it. When it comes to customisation, you can also make your vape look cooler by using vaping accessories. Here are 5 of our favourites:

Silicone case

Not only do these cases look great, but they also protect your vape or battery from scratches, bumps and general wear and tear. Silicone is lightweight and thin so won’t add too much bulk to your e-cigarette. They are also wipe-clean, so you can take your vape out and about without worrying. Available in a wide range of different colours these cases are a stylish way to personalise your e-cig.

Silicone case for e-cigarette

Battery Sleeve

If you’re on the go and want to make sure you have enough charge to last you all day, then it can be assumed you’ll be packing a few batteries. But how do you make sure they aren’t going to get knocked about in your bag? Well, these battery sleeves increase safety as they prevent your battery from becoming damaged and reduce the risk of breakage. The Economist talked about the possible effects of a damaged battery, saying ‘The trouble comes about if there is a small fault or damage is caused to the extremely thin separators that keep the elements of the battery apart. This can lead to an internal short-circuit and a subsequent build-up of heat’. It is therefore extremely important to keep your battery safe and free from damage.

Image of a battery sleeve


Carry case

The perfect way to transport your e-cigarette and spare batteries around safely is by using a carry case. They are great for taking out with you as they can store extra e-liquid, batteries, atomizers and, of course, your e-cigarette. Cases keep everything safe and free from bumps and scratches so that you can get the most out of your vape and ensure it lasts longer and works better. They also keep everything together, so you don’t lose anything.

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Replacement mouthpiece

Your mouthpiece is a staple part of your e-cigarette. But it doesn’t have to be the standard plastic or metal tip. Now you can purchase mouthpieces in all different colours, shapes and styles. There are ones made from glass in different designs, which are unique as they are individually blown. You can also get ones made from natural jade, meaning no two will ever be alike.

In addition to unique mouthpieces, there is a whole host of other mouthpiece designs available. The exciting thing about your e-cig mouthpiece is that it can change the feel and experience of vaping so you can swap and change them around for a new sensation every time. Mouthpieces in stainless steel are hygienic and come in many different shapes and designs. You can also get different colours and lengths, so shop around and try lots of different styles to see what suits you.

Man vaping

What’s your favourite vaping accessory? Let us know in the comments!