Things not to say to a Vaper

What are some things said to you that get your eye twitching as a vaper? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Things Not To Say To A Vaper – Transcript

1. “My fags cost less than that”

Yes, the initial outlay is more, but overall your cigarettes are much more expensive. *sigh*

2. “What oil is that you’re smoking?”

It’s not ‘oil’…it’s e-liquid…

3. “When are you going to quit?”

I have quit, smoking. I just happen to like vaping so, well, never!

4. “You don’t know what’s in them fake cigs”

Normally said while the perpetrator is smoking a cigarette!

5. “I just quit smoking cold turkey. I didn’t need this e-cig malarkey”

Well done to you, I commend you. I couldn’t, so vaping is great for me.