Keeping your vaping equipment in tip-top shape so that you’re always able to vape is a prime concern for all e-cigarette enthusiasts. When you’re on the go making sure you’re prepared at all times is a sensible approach to travel for a vaper. With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of the essential items that should be in every vaper’s bag, so you’ll never be caught out whilst on the go.

1. Spare e-liquid!

This probably sounds quite obvious but just because the tank you’re using at the moment looks pretty full right now doesn’t mean it will definitely last all day. After all, you never know how much you’re going to want to vape in the day before you step out the door. Having spare e-liquid to hand is always a good idea, even if you only end up giving it to a friend who’s running low.

2. A USB charging cable

Image of USB charger

You’ve packed everything you need for the day ahead, but didn’t realise your e-cig wasn’t on full battery. Now you’re facing a whole day without hope of being able to vape. You should always remember your charger, even have a spare that you always keep in your bag if possible. Having a USB charger means you can keep your equipment next to you at all times, and simply plug it into your laptop or even a power bank. This means you don’t have to find a spare wall socket or have to wait for one to become available.

3. An extra battery

Sometimes, no matter how well prepared you may have been by packing your e-cigarette charger, you just can’t find a good enough opportunity in which to charge your equipment. In this scenario having a spare battery to hand is what you really need, as you can just swap out the old one for the new and keep on happily vaping away. Don’t forget to store your spare batteries in a specifically designed battery case or silicone sleeve, loose batteries are not a good thing. Remember vapers, safety first.

4. Spare atomizers

Bf atomizers

There is nothing worse than having an atomizer cark it mid vape. You know you have been meaning to replace your coil for a while, but never expected it to give up the ghost right now. Keep a spare or two on your person to avoid the dreaded dry hit. Prime your new atomizer first, let it sit in your tank of e-liquid for 10 minutes, have a few dry draws and vape away.

5. Tissue


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This is the wild card and I bet most vapers don’t think of it, but e-liquid dribbles are inevitable. Filling your tank on the go is a tricky job, especially when you are making the mad dash to make the train on time at 6am (I am speaking from experience). Accidents happen, so having tissue to hand to soak up any potential spills can save a lot of questioning glances from colleagues, we know that dark patch is e-liquid, but try explaining that one.

What do you think should be in every vaper’s bag? Let us know in the comments section.