The vaping community is now vast and widespread, and while that may seem daunting to newbies, it means you can easily learn a plethora of tips and tricks by simply going on YouTube. So, to celebrate today’s vaping vloggers and all of their achievements, we reach out to 5 of the most popular vaping vloggers for you to follow this year and find out about their vaping journey.

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  1. TiaVapes

Throughout her time on YouTube, TiaVapes has amassed over 110,000 subscribers thanks to her countless reviews and no nonsense opinions. Chatting to us, Tia says:

‘I started the TiaVapes channel in 2012 to share my journey into vaping and my transition from smoking to vaping. I had always wanted to start a YouTube channel and had done some other types of YouTube videos in the past but I really found a passion in vaping because it was such a great feeling to finally not be a smoker and a slave to cigarettes.

I wanted to share that feeling with other people, give them the right information about vaping (since there’s still so much misinformation out there about vaping) and encourage them to make the switch as well. I’m actually starting to branch out in my YouTube channel by including videos that are my other non-vaping hobbies such as cooking & make up, I’m excited to see where this will take me in the next year.’

  1. Vapn Fagan

Since its debut in 2010, VapnFagan currently has over 77,400 subscribers and over 12 million hits. Mark, the man behind VapnFagan, is based in Chicago and specialises in reviews, guides and streaming vaping panels. On his about section, he adds:

‘I started vaping and have been in the vape community since 2009. I love anything and everything vape related. I also love to help people in the vape community and that’s why I started this channel. To give people true, honest and quality reviews!  Aside from doing reviews, I also do tutorials to better help people at making there vape experience much more problem free, enjoyable and safe! I also believe in giving back to the community, so each week I always have 1/2 giveaways on my channel.’

  1. Vaping Biker

Back on our side of the pond, the Vaping Biker has over 31,000 subscribers thanks to his reviews, vaping news and how to videos. The Vaping Biker, aka Dean, tells us:

‘The Vaping Biker channel has been a thing now since around January 2015 when I was so excited about the Wotofo Troll RDA I had to tell people about it! I started vaping back in around 2010/2011 with some pretty horrific kit and struggled on and off with it for a couple of years after that, but at that point I was unaware of YouTube reviews – and that there were better options out there (back then it was WAY more difficult than today!).

With so many great review channels out there, I just wanted mine to be conversational, informative, natural, and include the products that I loved using and viewers may like to see.

It blows me away that so many people enjoy what I do, I truly appreciate every single person that clicks on a video, and I’m grateful that someone takes some time out of their day to watch me talk about a product that can help save lives and be enjoyable.’

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  1. GrimmGreen

GrimmGreen has been online since 2009 and is one of the most popular vaping channels with over 315,000 subscribers. Based in Southern California, GrimmGreen, aka Nick, creates a weekly vlog to keep you updated with all things vaping.

On his channel, Nick says ‘I am all about Vaping, E-cigs and tobacco harm reduction. I’ve personally been vaping for the last 8 years and It has been nothing but amazing for me. I’m here to spread some good information about e-cigs and vaping with reviews, first impressions, tutorials, entertaining videos and my weekly vlog.’

  1. Vape Capitol

Last but not least on this list of vaping vloggers is Vape Capitol. This channel showcases stories from the vaping industry with a variety of vapers. It covers vaping conventions, cloud chasers, vape tricks, buildlapses and videos about quitting smoking. This channel has built up 110,000 subscribers since it started in 2014.

Vape Capitol’s description says: ‘We decided to bring the voices and stories of the Vape World directly to you. Don’t settle for opinion driven reviews, instead stay up to date on all of the newest technology and trends taking over the game. Vape Capitol is here to tell the stories of those who live the vaping lifestyle. See how they got there, and hear about where they’re going next. We are dedicated to bringing you the media that you deserve and want to see.’

Can you recommend any other vaping vloggers? Let us know in the comments!