Have you got a burnt taste in your mouth? Do you find it difficult tightening your atomizer? Then you need to check out our advice on e-cigarette maintenance. We cover the seven most important maintenance tips to ensure you get optimum use of every part of your vaping tool. We cover how to prime your atomizer, refilling your tank, pairing batteries, storage safety, batteries use, general cleanliness and advice on how best to tighten your e-cigarette back together.


7 Maintenance Tips For Your E-Cigarette – Transcript

Whether you are new to e-cigarettes or are a long-time sufferer of burnt taste and low battery life, all vapers should be familiar with these simple tips for a more enjoyable vape.

Prime Your Coils

1 – With any new atomiser, it’s important to kick-start the ‘priming process’ (soaking the cotton wadding inside)

2 – Add 5-10 drops of e-liquid to the wadding around the coil.

3 – Assemble and fill your tank, then leave to rest for at least 5 minutes.

Top tip: Roll the liquid around the top of the wadding as you add it.

Take a couple of draws on the tank without pressing the button to further draw the liquid into the atomizer before normal use.

Refill on a level 

Refill your tank before the liquid falls below these holes…

  • Prevents quick burnout
  • Maintains flavour

Pair Batteries

When using a dual battery device, get organised…

  • Label each pair of batteries with a number.
  • If convenient, remove the batteries from the device and charge them on a multi-port charger.
  • Never mix & match your batteries.
  • Quicker charging
  • Being safe
  • Balanced charging – even charge / discharge cycle

Safe Storage 

  • Store your paired batteries in a plastic container to prevent contact with metals items.
  • Store your eliquid, juice and devices away from heat, sunlight, and water.

Keep 30% Charge

Once your batteries reach 30% power, put them on charge!

The less power a battery has, the harder it has to work, resulting in a shorter life.

Keep your points clean

Regularly clean these contact points to prevent a grubby device:

  • Battery contact
  • Device contact
  • Tank contacts
  • Mouthpiece

Use a cloth and a cotton stick for the hard-to-reach spots.

Finger Tight Only

Never take any tools to it, rather you should use a rubber grip.

Don’t go overboard on screwing the atomizer back together.

Likewise when attaching it all back to your device. This prevents cross-threading.