Vaping is more popular than ever, with over two million vapers in the UK alone.

It seems that the more exposure vaping has, the more ‘myths’ are perpetuated by the media and general public alike.

So let’s take a look at the top 7 vaping misconceptions and debunk them.

No one knows what’s in e-liquid

Puzzled Woman

Yes we do. It’s that simple. Unlike traditional cigarettes which contain over 4000 chemicals, many completely unknown. E-liquid contains four ingredients (Three if it is nicotine free). Two diluents, flavouring and nicotine.

That is what all e-liquid consists of. It is easy to find what is contained in e-liquid and any reputable vaping company should be very open regarding what is contained within their e-liquid.

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E-cigs explode in people’s pockets

What if I told you that almost all of these ‘exploding e-cig’ horror stories are caused by user error? Although this sounds harsh it’s true.

Batteries cannot explode in your pocket for no reason. They are either stored loose, in contact with metal objects such as keys. Have damaged casing due to poor maintenance, or are pushed to their limits due to a number of factors.

Same with the charger mishaps. They are usually damaged with wires exposed, or the wrong type of charger.

An e-cig is an electrical device. They need to be handled with care, kept clean and in good condition.

Non-smokers use them

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Vaping was introduced as an alternative to traditional tobacco use. You will struggle to find any e-cigarettes being marketed towards non-smokers and if there are any companies attempting to rope in people who have never smoked the likelihood is they are not a completely legitimate business.

Action on smoking and health completed a study. The results showed that the number of people who have never smoked and who now vape is around 0.1%.

Think of the children

Always looking for a reason to ban vaping, anti-vaping groups will have you believe that e-cigs target children.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the UK we have a law that states you need to be over 18 to purchase an electronic cigarette or e-liquid. Any reputable retailer will adhere to this and ID check anyone who is deemed to be under age.


E-liquids are normally targeted as the flavours are sometimes modelled after sweets or have bright packaging. But surely the same could be said about certain alcohol brands?

Vaping is an age restricted product, with reputable retailers sticking to this policy.

Vapers are all getting popcorn lung

The Diacetyl debate has been rearing its head for the past few years.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study called: Flavourings – Related lung disease. This involved factory workers from a popcorn plant in Jasper, Missouri.

It was discovered that a proportion of the workers that dealt with the butter flavouring for popcorn developed an irreversible lung condition called Obliterative bronchiolitis. This is caused by long term exposure to diacetyl, an ingredient that makes the butter flavouring taste ‘buttery’.

Diacetyl can also be used as an ingredient in certain e-liquid flavourings. It gives them a creamy taste, so is reserved for certain custard and dessert flavours.

Even though it is known that inhaling diacetyl is not a good idea, some companies continue to use this flavouring in their e-liquids.

Now, you would need to be exposed to a large amount of diacetyl to suffer from an adverse effects, so sub-ohm vapers who vape a large amount of e-liquid a day are more at risk.

Once it became common knowledge that diacetyl was used in some flavourings, anti-vapers jumped on this piece of information and used it to demonise all e-liquid. In reality only a small proportion of e-liquid actually contain diacetyl.

Once again, the key here is reputable vendors. As an example, Totally Wicked e-liquids are backed by a guarantee of e-liquid excellence. Published on our website are the test results of our e-liquids, any vendor should be able to produce these results if asked.

E-liquid is about choice, if you choose to have an e-liquid with diacetyl then that is down to you, but you first need to be aware if it contains this chemical in the flavouring. The risk is minimal but it is there, just not to the extent that the media would have you believe.

For further information on this subject please read – Diacetyl and Popcorn lung: Should Vapers be concerned?

Vaping is just as dangerous as smoking

Public Health England state that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

I don’t want to breathe in second hand vapour

Man using E-cigarette

Several studies have been completed on the effects of second hand vaping. One such last year carried out by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research showed that normal exhaled breath contained more volatile compounds than exhaled vapour.

That being said, be a conscientious vaper, no one likes clouds blown in their face.

What other vaping misconceptions have you come across? Let us know in the comments below.