It can be a battle of mixed emotions when reaching a significant milestone. Melancholy, nostalgia, mixed with a dash of excitement.

Looking back means reliving times you miss, moments you would rather forget and things you would definitely do differently.

When the time came to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Totally Wicked I felt nothing but pride.

Having been an employee of TW for nearly 6 years, I have been privileged enough to experience a chunk of key moments in its history, in fact to be intimately involved in a few. It is easy for people outside looking in to see nothing but a business; not the people, the passion nor the commitment

What we wanted to do over the month of October was to let people in, to celebrate with us, to look back and maybe have a moment of “Ah yes, I remember”.

A Vaping Documentary

We knew we had to do a film, a documentary that spanned the last decade. What I didn’t realise was how difficult this would be. In my naivety I assumed we would need a month or two and some brainstorming.

How wrong I was. This was a project that required sheer dedication and god am I proud to have been a part of it. Watching the finished piece filled my ‘soppy-o-metre’ right up and tears were shed.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. It is a roundup of the last 10 years of Totally Wicked. We look at the evolution of vaping products, e-liquid, vaping regulations and our business from its humble beginnings to where we are today. What it hopefully conveys is what we know to be true, none of it would have been possible without our loyal and dedicated customers.

Vintage Vaping Products

Now this I was excited for.

We got access to the product archive. Anyone who has been around the vaping scene for a while would have had a field day like I did. I asked more than once to give some of my old favourite products a home.

Those relatively new to vaping would have been in a state of complete confusion. What once were completely cutting-edge vaping technology, would now seem almost archaic, anyone remember the shotgun cartomizer?

We knew we had to give some of these legacy products away. They had to go to homes that would love them.

On the cards were some Totally Wicked classics such as the eGo-C Slim, Odyssey Pipe and the Screwdriver.

Customers were asked to share their Totally Wicked memories and post pictures of their vintage e-cig set ups, which you did in droves.

Thank you.

10 vintage vaping products went to 10 lucky winners, congratulations Jane, Matthew, Anna, Dale, David, Taz, Louise, Mick, Fiona and Toby.

Competition winners


Vaping Company Gives Away £17,500

This was a first for us, in fact for any vaping company.

A huge prize pot of £17,500 was divided up into three prizes of £2,500, £5,000 and a massive £10,000!

So why did we do this? Well, why not.

This last decade wouldn’t have been possible without the loyalty of our customers. The people who stuck with us through all the times good and bad. Who believed that we would come through looming regulations, who have supported us as we grew and evolved.

Why would we not want to give customers the opportunity to win a life changing sum of money? So, we did just that.

Basar, from Brentford and Angela, from Portsmouth, were our third and second place winners respectively and they couldn’t have been happier with their surprise windfalls just before Christmas.

Our £10,000 winner got a personal visit from Mr Wicked. David, from Wigan, had a knock on the door to be told that he had won the massive prize.

To be a part of this was amazing and I teared up more than once. We documented the entire thing and the winner’s reactions can be seen below.

So that was just a part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations.

I am so glad I got to be involved in everything, at our 20th anniversary this will be a fond series of moments to look back on.

So here is to the next 10 years, I hope to see you along the way with us.