Imagine this scene…

You’ve been vaping for about a month, seriously getting into it and you’re thinking….mmmm, maybe I would like a bigger, better device? This starter kit has been great to get me going, but I want more. I want to cut out the cigarettes completely, I want to vape a few more flavors and like the look of some of those devices I’ve seen in the office… ( heads to nearest vape shop….)


What you don’t do is walk into a vape shop with $100.

Not until you’ve read this post.  Because this post explains how you can get the next step right in your vaping journey. Upgrading from complete newbie to somewhat serious vaper.

First, decide what is not working for you right now regarding your current device.

  • Do you want more vapor?
  • Do you want a longer battery life?
  • Do you like re charging, or would you prefer batteries?
  • Do you want something easier to hold? Perhaps the pen style is too much like a cigarette?
  • Do you want to keep up with Joe from finances?
  • How technical do you want to go? Re-building your own coils?
  • Do you want to have several devices?


Whatever it is, know what you want to improve upon.

Then….onto the e-liquid.

What?? I want a new device!

We know – but stay with us…..

E-liquid is the most important part of vaping. If you don’t have the right juice, then it won’t matter which device you use.

Make sure you have several flavors you like, make sure you have the right strength for you, and be aware of how much you vape in a day or a week.

Because when you upgrade, so can the cost.

This might seem like a no brainer to state, but you need to be aware of this. Bigger devices will mean more expensive coils and accessories, and you may find you vape more e-liquid.

(Quick public announcement…)

When you smoke, you get to the end of a cigarette and you know you’ve smoked one. With vaping, you can get into the habit of vaping a lot. This is why some people like the puff counters that are available on some devices.  Perhaps you fancy one? Add it to your list of vaping needs. More signs of vaping too much can be headaches, jitteriness, nausea and sore throat – all signs of too much nicotine.

Vaping 60 mls a week can set you back $25-30. Look at upgrading the same way you would when you upgrade say a car – you go from driving a mini to a Porche – everything costs that bit more!

Now, bearing in mind the above, if you do want a more powerful device, this could mean you’ll absorb more nicotine than you currently do, but with the same e-liquid, (this is all to do with battery power and coil resistance) as such you may want to step down a nicotine  strength.  Perhaps you want the complete opposite and you want to quickly reduce your nicotine intake? Then you’ll go for a device that helps you do just that.

Armed with this information means you are now ready to go into a vape store with your hard earned cash. You have an idea of what you want to change/improve, you have an idea of your budget, and you know what currently works. You also have an idea of how far that $100 will go.

Having this knowledge to hand gives the e-cigarette guys something to work with when you walk in the store, it means you won’t be oversold something that is not a good fit for you, or is way over your budget.

Which leads us on to choosing the right vape shop for you.

Not all vape shops are equal, and not all cater for everyone.

When starting out on this journey, do not use the vape shop full of guys blowing massive clouds of vapor, they are using gear that is advanced and probably not what you need – yet. You need a shop where the staff take their time, where they are knowledgably, where they truly help and understand exactly where you are on your vaping journey and, welcome you popping back in to ask questions. You want a vape shop where the staff want you to succeed with your vaping journey, whatever your vaping journey may look like.

And do let us know what you upgraded to  with your hard earned cash!