Today, Public Health England (PHE) launched a video to show the effects of smoking compared with vaping. Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard carried out the research and the results told us what we already know; that vaping is far safer than smoking. However, this video gives us a visual representation on what is going on in our bodies when we smoke compared with when we vape, over a one month period.

Smoking rates in England are at an all-time low and experts attribute much of this success to e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, 6 million people in England still smoke so PHE hopes to see rates decline even further, with the help of vaping.

E-cigarettes have proven to be the most popular quitting aid in recent years and 3 million people in the UK now vape. Despite this roaring success, there is still a misunderstanding among many about the relative safety of vaping compared with smoking. Many still believe vaping to be just as harmful as smoking or even more harmful smoking, a misconception which needs addressing.

It’s therefore great to see a government advisory body doing more to educate smokers on vaping and endorsing it as a cessation tool. We look forward to seeing more positive research and initiatives from the likes of PHE and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in 2019.

If you know any smokers who need to make the switch to vaping next year, show them this video and will them to give up smoking as part of their new year’s resolutions.