Festival season is here. For those of you who are braving the UK weather this year, get your wellies prepped, your flower head band ready and read our festival survival guide to ensure you’re vape prepared.


As most festivals extend to 3 days or more, you want to be stocked with all your vaping essentials. Make sure you have spare atomizer heads, plenty of e-liquid and even a spare tank in case you get rowdy. Also don’t forget your USB cable!


You are going to be in close quarters with a lot of other festival goers. Remember to be mindful of those around you. Not everyone is a vaper, so while you might love your clouds others may not.

Tents at Festival


Most festivals have charging stations now, so you can drop your e-cig off for a much needed top up. For those who want to be extra prepped, take a power bank. Alternatively, use an e-cig with a removable battery and a store of charged batteries (remembering battery safety and storage).


Consider a dedicated vape bag. This way you can safely store all your vape gear, keep your e-cig dry and your e-liquids out of the sun. Don’t forget dedicated cases or sleeves if your e-cig uses a removable battery.

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Festivals have rules, they keep us safe and help the fun flow. It’s a no brainer but follow the rules. Check ahead to make sure you are up to date on the latest vaping regulations and what the festival specifically ask of vapers.

Weather prep

Let’s be honest, it’s likely to rain in ole Blighty. A pack a mac, wellies and a brolly are a must. You will more than likely have your e-cig on you, remember it’s a battery and water is going to cause irreparable damage. Prepare for the weather and keep it dry.

Wellies at Muddy Festival

Vape choice

Choose wisely. Take an e-cig that you are happy vaping all day and is easy to maintain. Don’t forget your favourite e-liquid and maybe take something special for nights round the campfire, maybe a nice Blueberry Crêpe from Mr Wicked’s.