Recent research from Ernst & Young has revealed that British smokers are switching to vaping in huge numbers. Results show that since 2013, one Briton has made the switch from smoking to vaping every four minutes, meaning 4.2% of the British public are now vapers. This means that British smokers are switching to vaping faster than anyone else in Europe, followed by France where 3% of the population use e-cigarettes.

With 2 million Britons now using e-cigarettes, it’s remarkable to think how many lives have been changed thanks to the birth and growth of vaping and we look forward to seeing e-cigarettes continue to both improve and save lives. These stats seem even more amazing due to the bad press that e-cigarettes receive in the media.

Kingsley Wheaton, managing director for Next Generation Products, at British American Tobacco has stated that:

“The UK has one of the most progressive regulatory environments for e-cigarettes and that’s reflected in consumer uptake and category growth.

The UK government has created an environment which enables consumers to be informed about the products, have access to them and allows manufacturers to innovate and provide quality vaping products.”

This statement seems overly generous considering the TRPR that is present in the UK, however the strong support from leading vaping advocates and health professionals has certainly had a huge contribution to the growth of vaping in Britain. We hope to see other countries in Europe help to convert many more smokers to vapers by encouraging a public health orientated initiative.

What do you think the reasons for Britain’s impressive conversion rate of smokers to vapers are? Let us know in  the comments below.