This section of Vaped takes a look at the legal news circulating around vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. Here we’ll be keeping you up to date with the most recent vaping regulations and proposed legislation that may affect the use of e-cigarettes. We’ll also cover any controversial vaping lawsuits making headlines across the channels, and bans that may affect the use of your product in certain areas.

Articles in this section will take a look at all the topics listed above, making sure that the readers of Vaped are given the best insight into the vaping world. To read any of the articles in this section simply click on the title that intrigues you most to gain further knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of e-cigarettes.

More about the Regulations category

At Totally Wicked we believe it's incredibly important that our customers are given the best insight into the vaping world, and are kept up to speed with the most recent updates concerning the use of their product.  That's why we endeavour to supply the most in-depth views into the vaping world, reviewing situations case by case so that our readers can get the best information possible, and act accordingly.

This section of our magazine, Vaped, will review legal matters that affect vaping. This includes any revisions in the tobacco products directive, including our stance against Article 20 by the TPD. We also cover e-cigarette laws that may affect our production department, and e-cig laws that may, or will, affect UK e-cigarettes. We believe covering e-cigarette legislation in other countries is always useful, such as asking are e-cigarettes legal in these corners of the world? This is always useful when travelling, and we aim to quell your concerns whether you're at home or further afield.

Our e-cig information is useful for all of our readers, whether beginners or well versed vaping semi-pros. This section is concerned with any legal ramification vaping may have and why this is. To take a look at any other subject matters concerning vaping and e-cigarettes, simply click on any of the section links.