Malcolm Hollingdrake – Where it all began

Malcolm Hollingdrake

I’ve always had a desire to write but it was only later in life that I wrote my first novel, ‘Engulfed’. Once written, I tried to get the work published but that proved to be very difficult.

You’ll hear it from all writers, even the now famous, how their work was rejected maybe more than a hundred times. Just take J K Rowling. She struggled and even when her work was accepted, they never believed that it would make her a living! I was born in Bradford, Yorkshire and eventually went to college in Ripon. Harrogate sat geographically, somewhere in the middle and so it became one of my favourite places to visit. I read an article that research had suggested the spa town was one of the happiest places in the UK to live and that proved to be the catalyst to write a crime series set in the town.

DCI Cyril Bennett

DCI Cyril Bennett was born, a dapper, polite detective with a strong reputation for clear thinking, a pint and his electronic cigarette; vaping is very much part of his thinking process! I added the e-cigarette after frequent visits to Totally Wicked, Wigan. My wife is a convert to e cigarettes. Cyril is teamed with DS David Owen, an untidy scruffy individual who is in total contrast to Cyril; however, they make a formidable team alongside DS Liz Graydon who offers a great deal of stability within the group.

I had self published the first two Bennett books and when I sent the third to Bloodhound Books it was accepted. I was offered a four-book contract. Recently I finished writing the fourth book. The first three will be published in paperback and eBook with possibly an audiobook to follow. They are available through good books stores, Waterstones and Amazon.

I now keep my fingers crossed that the books prove to be popular as I start the next in the Harrogate crime series.

‘Only the Dead’ is the first title published in November 2016 followed by ‘Hell’s Gate’ and ‘Flesh Evidence’ published in December. The fourth book, as yet untitled, will hopefully follow in the new year. I have two other books that are only available as eBooks, ‘Engulfed’, another crime novel and ‘Shadows from the Past’, a collection of short stories.

Exert from only the dead

Only the Dead by Malcolm Hollingdrake

He proceeded to give her his mobile number, thanked her and hung up. After some degree of difficulty he found a contact number for a Phillip Jarvis who now appeared to be living in Nice, France. He dialled but it was an answer-phone, the recording was in French at that and he felt somewhat shaken. He understood not one word of the message but left a response in English and a contact number.

Cyril walked into the room and looked at Owen.

“Grab yourself a coffee and come and tell all.” He moved to his office and hung up his jacket.

Owen closed the door with his foot and put down his coffee, spilling a few drops on the ordered desk. Cyril glanced at him and proffered a box of tissues before he began to fill the mouth-piece of his electronic cigarette with menthol fluid. He then sat back and inhaled.

“Well, what news?” he asked as vapour poured from his nostrils.

By Malcolm Hollingdrake

Vaping Detective looking at an outline of a bottle of e-liquid

The Vaping Detective concludes that the perp did not ‘bottle’ it