There are not many people out there that can say they have been vaping for 10 years. Devereux Purdon is one of the few and has kindly shared his success story with us.

From this decade of experience Mr Purdon has some valuable advice for any smokers or new vapers who are reading. Thanks for sharing your story Devereux.

Devereux’s story

Devereux Purdon

I started vaping about ten years ago, and I haven’t smoked since. Back then the devices and flavours available were a mixed bag in terms of quality, but after trying an e-cig for the first time I remember thinking “I reckon this could work”.

I was a reasonably heavy smoker of about 15 a day, and any time I’d tried to quit with books, patches or gum in the past had failed within a week. After a bit of experimentation with different devices and flavours, and a couple weeks of finding my rhythm, I found the sweet spot for me and haven’t looked back since.

My daughter has never seen me smoke, and my wife is eternally grateful for no longer having ashy kisses goodnight. I am particularly happy with my health (and that of my wallet), no longer getting black buildup on my teeth, and not being treated like a leper or social pariah.

I’d recommend anyone who smokes to try vaping, and would recommend you experiment a lot at the start because one size does not fit all. It’ll pay you back 100 fold once you get going.

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