When you smoked tobacco cigarettes, you smoked the same brand that had the same flavour, day in and day out.

Your brand loyalty was second to none and you never thought about changing to another brand unless it was for cost saving or with a view to quitting.

Now though, you’ve switched to vaping and suddenly a vast array of e-liquid flavours are laid before you like pebbles on a beach. Which has made me wonder and ask the question: Do you vape the same flavour all day, or do you rotate?

From a little bit of research, I found out about some people’s vaping habits and there appear to be 4 main types of flavour vapers:

All day vapers.

There are a minority of vapers that still stick to the same flavour, all day every day. They have found their vape and they’re fine with that, no need for more variety.

Routine Vapers.

A few folk admitted to vaping one flavour all week, either making up their own batches in quantities large enough to last, or vaping their way through one bottle before opening another. These vapers generally held the opinion that they smoked the same cigarettes every day, so why not vape in pretty much the same way?

E-liquid musical chairs.

Lets move on to the ‘one to three flavours a day’ vapers. These guys generally have a set routine, one flavour with the morning coffee, another e-liquid for work and something different after the evening meal. Others have one sweet flavour and one tobacco flavour, rotating as and when their palette decides. Into this category are the folk who vape sweet flavours after a meal in order to keep the calories down!

E-liquid butterflies.

Lastly, we come to the ‘flavour butterfly’. Merrily flitting from flavour to flavour throughout the day, with up to 10 or more flavours on the go at any one time. The mind boggles at the organisational skills needed to keep track of all these flavours. These vapers stated that the flavour they vape is mood dictated, which when you think about it makes perfect sense.

So, what type of vaper are you, an all-day vaper or a flavour butterfly?

Let us know in the comments below.