A recent story has arisen of an American male, Andrew Hall, from Idaho who has suffered significant injuries to his mouth and face while using an e-cigarette. Andrew was getting ready for work in the morning when the incident occurred and had 7 teeth knocked out while sustaining burns to his face.

This begs the question, why did this happen? We cannot be sure what exact modifications Mr Hall was making to his devices but something was surely amiss. The media, in true form, cite Andrew Hall’s Facebook status where he states that he ‘had the shop set up his Mod for him, took all their advice and maintained the device correctly’, however they cut short the part where he went to explain that he has had to start doing it himself due to new FDA regulations.

This brings me to the American vaping culture and how it differs from that in the UK. Here in the UK, vapers wanting to use mechanical mods and build their own coils research and learn the methods and are urged to act safely at all times. Vape shops will teach vapers the best practices in detail to avoid the occurance of potential accidents. Previously in the States, Vape shops would usually have done the build for you in-store, but in steps the FDA and imposes new regulations to stop this. This of course then leads vapers to undergo DIY jobs on their devices without proper knowledge and experience of a potentially dangerous task. This once again poses the question ‘Are the FDA regulations really there for public gain?’

More needs to be done to protect vapers from this sort of accident, especially in America. Vape shops and the government owe a duty of care to vapers and should not encourage people to modify their devices without the proper know-how.

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