Argos has recently had to recall various different models of e-cigarettes it sells, on its site. The e-cig recall comes amid concerns that the products have the potential to overheat. This is not due to product defects, but because the units were being sold with the incorrect removable batteries.

Battery safety

Any product with a removable battery should be treated sensibly, whether this is an e-cigarette or any other electrical device. Any vendor selling these items should fully understand battery safety and employ a duty of care to their customers.

At Totally Wicked, all types of batteries are rigorously tested both at supplier level and at distribution level. This includes compatibility between devices and batteries.

E-cig recall

In this recent case from Argos, batteries were sold with certain e-cigs which weren’t compatible with the kits. This can have implications to the consumer and can also tarnish the industry’s reputation.

The problem with this product recall is that the e-cigs being sold by Argos were not e-cig starter kits, or easy to use plug and play vape kits. They were high end, high powered e-cigs with removable batteries. Any reputable vaping company would recommend some e-cig knowledge before attempting to use one of these kits.

If these devices had been sold with the correct removable battery there would never have been a problem.

So where does the responsibility lie in this e-cig recall situation? Does it lie with Argos, the end point of sale who ultimately supplied the customers? Or does the responsibility lie with the e-cig manufacturers? Do they have a duty of care to ensure that if their products are going to be sold in a high street store, they should be supplied with the correct accessories to ensure that the customers can vape safely?

Let us know what you think…