The Centre for Substance Use and Research (CSUR), Glasgow have recently conducted a study that discredits the theory that e-cigarettes make tobacco use social acceptable.

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes on to the market, there have been a number of scare mongering stories claiming that e-cigarettes make smoking look attractive thus normalising the use of tobacco and encouraging the act of smoking.

This theory has been discredited by CSUR, Glasgow’s recent study which lays out the following findings:

– 96% of non-smokers aged between 16-29 could easily differentiate between cigarettes and e-cigarettes and considered the devices to be used only for quit or reduce tobacco consumption.

– The respondents didn’t have an increased desire to smoke after seeing the devices being used.

– 61% of respondents suggested the sight of an e-cigarette made them curious however only a third of the group had tried using one and none had gone on to use e-cigarettes frequently.

Dr Neil McKeganey summarised with the view that ‘the fear that smoking is making smoking more attractive is clearly unfounded’ and that ‘vaping is making smoking less interesting for non-smokers’.

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