Are you a smoker and contemplating a switch to vaping in 2017? The benefits of vaping are clear to see but it may seem a little daunting if entering the somewhat unknown. Clive Bates has rounded off 2016 with an intriguing blog article explaining ‘what is vaping?’

Clive Bates is a well-known vaping advocate and author of ‘The Counterfactual‘ blog. During his latest blog article for Nicotine Science and Policy Clive Bates attempts to shed light on some key talking points in reference to vaping:

“how should vaping be understood and used (or not) to reduce the adverse health effects of smoking?”

“what role does vaping play in society?”


“what does vaping mean for the consumer?”

Give ‘What is Vaping?’ a read and let us know your opinion in the comments below.