Study shows e-cig use increases while smokers decrease.

Amongst the various other scare stories that linger around the vaping world, the suggestion that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking is one that vaping opponents continue to reiterate in the hope of tarnishing the industry’s reputation. The implication is that vaping normalises the act of smoking and therefore people who have never smoked will start due to the appeal of vaping.

These previous studies have been based on fuzzy research with the intention of discouraging the act of vaping. Recent research however, conducted by Public Health officials at the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan, shows that while the use of e-cigarettes had increased, the number of smokers has in fact decreased.

The lead author of the study, Lynn Kozlowski said:

“The national trends in vaping and cigarette smoking do not support the argument that vaping is leading to smoking.”

While the Daily Mail are often quick to jump on the anti-vaping bandwagon, they have documented this research and concede that ‘scientists claim the theory is just a myth’. Furthermore, they also explain that previous research had been misleading as it has been known to ‘consider ‘smoking’ as taking one puff in six months.’

As vapers, we have learned to take scare stories with a pinch of salt, however those who are unaware of the positive of e-cigarettes just see negative headlines relating to vaping. It is therefore important to educate and inform people, especially smokers, that what they are reading about e-cigarettes is often misleading.

As vaping comes up in conversation with family members or friends, there are often comments thrown in: ‘e-cigs are just as bad as normal cigarettes aren’t they?’ or ‘Apparently vaping is aimed at children to get them to smoke’. You’ve probably heard similar remarks yourself and it’s infuriating that a product that is present to help reduce a deadly habit is having its reputation polluted by unreliable media sources, so studies like the one aforementioned are vastly important for the vaping community and should be widely publicised.