The e-cigarette market has seen huge growth ever since the devices’ arrival on the scene, and certainly since 2013 when the industry size tripled. The devices have helped millions of smokers around the globe ditch their habit and switch to vaping in a bid to improve their health.

Although vaping has taken the world by storm by providing a healthy alternative to one of the world’s biggest killers, it has certainly not been plain sailing. Competing against Big Tobacco and Big Pharma has certainly provided some complications and with these huge players holding money in a higher regard than the health and well-being of the general public it’s unsurprising that they have no qualms about bending the rules. The use of underhand tactics, manipulative behaviour and unethical strategies are unfortunately very prevalent within these corporations which of course heavily impacts the e-cigarette industry.

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You will probably have seen a number of articles focusing heavily on supposedly negative effects of e-cigarettes. The common theme throughout these scare stories are that the studies they refer to are far from reliable; with key facts, details and research methods being conveniently overlooked when results are discussed.

Research shows a decline in the number of vapers in the UK

Current figures that have been released by Mintel show that the growth of the e-cigarette industry may have started to slow down and The Telegraph believe that Britain’s e-cigarette boom is over. The Mintel report states that over the last two years the proportion of ex-smokers and smokers using e-cigarettes has fallen from 69% to 62% and The Daily Mail discuss how the aforementioned scare stories have impacted.

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Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical companies will be hoping this marks the start of a steep decline of the vaping industry, meaning they can return to their monopolising ways with little consideration towards the millions of deaths they are contributing towards as they do so.

Fortunately, not all organisations have money as their primary concern and e-cigarettes have been well back by the Royal College of Physicians who stated that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and also Cancer Research UK who were involved in a recent study that explained how E-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco cigarettes.

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Inquiry into e-cigarette safety to be conducted by House of Commons science and technology Committee

With the contrast in studies conducted about e-cigarettes being as vast as they are, the House of Commons science and technology committee announce that they will step in and take evidence on how they affect human health.

An inquiry will be launched by said committee and the Conservative Chair, Stephen Metcalfe stated:

We will want to probe how well the science meshes with any Government action to encourage or discourage e-cigarette consumption

We would hope that we can trust our government to conduct a fair and balanced study and not be swayed by external pressure to apply any bias. If so, we are confident that honest studies in to the safety of vaping will place e-cigarettes in a positive light, increasing confidence in the devices and giving them the reputation they deserve.

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