UK Vapour Brands has officially moved to the former Accrington Fire Station. Over the past 2 years, the Grade 2 listed building has evolved from a disused fire station to a state of the art business headquarters.

UKVB Offices and Warehouse


Peter Dickinson Architects have pulled off the procedure expertly. A modern, stylish working environment with ample warehouse space for the new HQ to work efficiently as a distribution hub to vape shops all over the UK.

Situated on Manchester Road in Accrington, the Old Fire Station has always boasted impressive character. The listed building has not only been made fit for purpose, it has also managed to keep it’s personality.

Outside Area and Gym


The design has allowed for the inclusion of key features which make this environment exceed workplace expectations. A fully kitted gym, a roof terrace and picturesque views makes UK Vapour Brands’ new headquarters more than just a work space. Watch the video below and take a look round.


The move will allow both UK Vapour Brands and The Electronic Cigarette Company to provide an even better service and streamline processes for vaping retailers and customers. Thus, allowing stores across the UK to be stocked with the best and very latest vaping products. UK Vapour Brands prides itself on compliance, trust and reliability. The upgraded facilities will help to progress these qualities, alongside others, benefiting vape stores and consequently vapers.

Balcony View of Accrington


This expansion of the country’s largest vaping wholesalers shows the impressive growth of the industry in the UK. Vaping is being taken seriously and recognised health organisations such as Public Health England (PHE) are getting on board. More shops are opening and more product variety is becoming available. It is great to see an industry grow and flourish in the UK, not only for economic reasons but for the hugely beneficial impact it is potentially having on public health.