The ultimate guide to TW´s ready mixed E liquid ranges

Unsure of the flavor descriptions and simply want to know which could be the best TW range for you? Then read on…

TW USA have 6 ready mixed e liquid ranges.

There are varying nicotine strengths in the ranges, denoted by circular icons as seen below, so at a glance you can instantly see if they have your strength.

The TW PG/VG ratios are also indicated on the website with little icons.



The more VG, the more vapor and less throat hit.  Think V for vapor.

The more PG, the more flavor and stronger the throat hit.

Now for what they taste/vape like….

Red Label

TW has replicated realistic flavors in this range. You will not find the artificial chemical interpretations of flavors that make you turn your nose up. Red Label has the distinct essence of a flavor.

That means if we say grape, it will taste of genuine grape.

One customer wrote regarding Grape,

“Red Label Grape just hits the spot. Having tried several other grape flavors, none really got it quite right, but Red Label Grape is fruity, sweet and delicious.” 

Red Label has 45 flavors and in 6 nicotine strengths from 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml with a PG/VG ratio of 50:50.

Within the 45 flavors is a line dedicated to retro candy from the UK, (called retro) and trust us, they taste good! The firm favorite this end is the Pear Drop. Think juicy pear with a hint of sour.


The Titan range, right from the start, received very positive feedback regarding its menthol and tobacco flavors.  Heavy Cigar from this range is among one of the most popular choices for long term smokers when making the switch. Due to high demand, the Titan range was expanded to include fruity flavors such as the very popular Honeydew Melon and the curiously titled, highly delicious Red Cow. This range is generally described as sweet, and for those who want lighter all day vaping but still want a decent throat hit.

5 strengths, from 3mg to 36 mg, and 25 flavors.  PG/VG ratio of 70:30

Patriot Range

Our exclusive Totally Wicked Patriot Range is made in the USA. It was developed to offer some distinctive North American flavors.

But what does North American Flavors mean? It means full bodied, full on flavor, given an extra kick with the 70/30 PG/VG mix. (Higher PG = more flavor and throat hit).

The Patriot Range Tobacco Americano flavor has been described as a strong and rich vape for smokers who are trying to switch.  The RY4 and Cherry Cigar from this range have the same tobacco base as the American Tobacco flavor, but are topped with a mild sweetness. Spinfuel magazine said regarding the Patriot Range RY4,

“A great flavor, and Totally Wicked certainly hit this one out of the park. TW’s RY4 is now on my permanent rotation. Ordering more of this one today.”

This range has a rich depth of flavor, with a subtle sweetness and decent throat hit.

This range has 40 flavors, 6 strengths, from 0mg to 30 mg and a PG/VG mix of 70:30.

If you have not tried the Patriot Range and you don’t want a tobacco flavor but still want something with depth and a hint of sweetness, we suggest you try ‘Blueberry Blackberry’. It’s been a firm customer favorite from the day it was launched, as vapers instantly embraced it, quickly adding it to their “go to” list of juices.


The description isFilm Noir meets the Godfather with a London twist,” so think oak-paneled smoking rooms with the Sopranos and their cronies dressed to impress.

The taste is both smooth AND complex.

Diavlo e-liquid produces lavish clouds with a smooth taste with little throat hit. The flavors are smooth and distinct on the inhale and exhale, which is where the complexity comes in. For example, Tommy Two Tubes gives a Lychee flavor on the inhale and peach on the exhale.

The high VG content (25:75) is what creates the thick, opulent clouds, yet the e liquid does not have a thick consistency, so it’s good for most devices.

Offered in 18 flavors and 4 strengths; from 0 to 10 mg with a PG/VG ratio of 25:75.


The optimized VG e-liquid made in the USA.

The TW EXPEDITION flavors take their inspiration from intrepid adventurers and their quest to be the best.

As such, there are some interesting flavor combinations, yet they are very well blended, so much so, you won’t taste the individual flavors the way you do in the Diavlo range; you will experience more the combined flavors as a whole. 

Atlantis flavor has been described as the perfect fruity e liquid, not too acidic and with a secret flavor to keep you guessing!

It is also one of our best sellers.

12 flavors here, with 4 nicotine strengths from 0 to 10mg and a PG/VG mix of 25/75.

And finally, the one that has lasted the true test of time…

Totally Wicked’s Original E-liquid

A true Vintage e liquid, harking back to the foundations of vaping with this range’s strengths focusing on the tobacco flavors. The PG/VG mix places the emphasis on the throat hit and flavor.  This was truly many people’s first ever e-liquid, and even now nine years later many still wouldn’t dream of vaping anything else.

9 flavors, 5 strengths from 8mg to 36mg, and a PG/VG mix of 80:20.

We’re curious to know which ones you guys love the most

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Our e liquids are very easy to purchase, simply click on the range, choose the e liquid strength you like, then the flavor you want, (the descriptions are there to help you decide now you have an understanding of each range), and simply add to your cart!