Public Health Wales have shown concerns over sweet e-liquid flavours and their apparent appeal to children. They have proposed that sweet flavoured e-liquids should be banned as these confectionery-like flavours may seem enticing to youngsters. In addition to this, they also hope to see advertising of e-cigarettes restricted on media viewed by children and a vaping ban in and around school grounds.

The health officials then conclude their argument stating that vaping can act as a gateway to smoking, a contentious issue that has gained a lot of coverage recently without much evidence to back the claims up.

For more information, please read: Vaping is not a gateway to smoking.

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Of course e-cigarettes should not be aimed at children and sensible regulations are needed to ensure this doesn’t happen, however are Public Health Wales going too far with their suggestions thus placing e-cigarettes in the same bracket as cigarettes, as a harmful product, rather than it’s true position as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Sweet flavours in general are of course not solely produced to meet the needs of children, proven by the fact that many alcoholic beverages are flavoured in this way but you don’t see a call for bans on chocolate liqueurs and the like. With regards to advertising bans, current regulations are already strict on this matter so an increase in this seems unwarranted.

Do you think these proposed regulations are fair and should be passed? Let us know in the comments below.